Sunday, June 11, 2006

LOVE my new look!

Don't you just LOVE my new look?

Big thanks to Susie over at BlueBird Blogs for her incredible creativity and for her generous hand-holding of a novice blogger.

Just how wonderful is Susie? She took on this assignment BEFORE I even had a blog (remember my sneaky husband?) - talk about making something from nothing and making it beautiful. She worked with me ever so patiently as I (slowly!) got a better feel for the look I wanted.

If you are wanting a new look or a spruce-up, check out Susie's site. Her gallery is wonderful! And she's doing a contest right now for a free blog design.

Thanks again, Susie! So fun!


Laura said...

LOVING your new design!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooo it looks great around here!! Wonderful make-over!

Jennifer said...

Susie did a wonderful job with the new design. Look how bright and cheery it is.... Ahhh, I just love it!

Susanne said...

Love your new look! She did a wonderful job! She's doing one for me too and I can hardly wait!

Beck said...

Your blog looks great! I love the little typing bird, too!

Kris said...

This matches your sunny personality. Love it!