Sunday, June 25, 2006

My little cutting garden

Just in case you couldn't tell yet, I love flowers. Even though I'm not that great at gardening, I wanted to take an otherwise useless patch of my side yard and TRY to grow a garden for cutting flowers (when my vegetable garden idea died a slow and painful death).

That way I didn't have to pilfer from my landscaping to enjoy my flowers inside.

I ordered the Summer Magic garden from Springhill Nurseries way back in March. It came with something ridiculous like 40 perennial plants for about $40 if you ordered by 3/15.

Fortunately for people like me that need it spelled out for them, it came with a garden plan.

My goal was to plant it almost like a vegetable garden - so I could walk between the plants and cut what I wanted. But now that I'm starting to get a few blooms, I'm thinking next year I'll add a few shrubs and greenery around the foundation to absorb some of the heat from the house, form a nice backdrop, and make it look less boring.

The only thing that didn't come up was the purple coneflower (which I'm CERTAIN is not their fault!). So for a novice, I didn't think that was too bad! I love going on my "flower rounds" to see what new thing is growing.

I'd still like to grow vegetables but until I get the nerve to try that again, at least I get to enjoy the flowers!


Beck said...

I'm trying my hands at flower gardening this year, too - although I'm not yet at the stage where it's worth photographing. Yours look lovely!

Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

How fun!! I want to try this too! I have to figure out what wil thrive in this environment...I think Indonesia is a zone 8, meaning we always have sun!


Nettie said...

Ah! To have a cutting garden so as to not "pilfer" your landscaping. I tuck a few flowers, with this intention, into my veggies, but it isn't enough. You look well on your way, though! Fresh flowers are so much more enjoyable than fresh veggies, anyways!

Laura said...

Yay! Congratulations! Those are great flowers! Well done and I'm inspired!!