Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On blogging: by a blogging novice

I’m joining in today on She Lives' Seven Days of Blogging. I’ve had a great time getting to know more ladies and the reasons behind their blogs. Grab a cup of coffee and prepare to be inspired when you go check it out.

I will admit I entered the blog world hesitantly. My husband has been a blogger for over two years, but he blogs about work stuff, and he gets to use company time to do it. How could I, someone whose head barely surfaces above the laundry once or twice a week, find the time to blog? Who would want to read about potty training and cooking and spending my life in search of matching socks, anyway?

But he knew I enjoyed writing (I’ve kept a journal forever) and he dropped hints every few months about starting my own blog. “You’d love it,” he’d say.

Yeah, that’s the problem, I thought. I’d probably love it so much I’d never get anything done around here ever again. I didn’t even let myself read blogs, let alone write posts – too frivolous, too much wasted time (my Norwegian-immigrant-homesteader roots always come back to haunt me). I put him off.

Then one day my husband told me he had created a site for me on Blogger “just in case” I ever decided to blog some day (isn’t he devious?). As it happened, I didn’t care for the name he had selected for “my” blog (it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t what I would have chosen).

For a full week, I was in anguish, because here I had a blog, but its name did not reflect ME (never mind that I had no posts and no readers, and heretofore had not even intended to blog). Selfish, I know.

But that did it. I got on the web and started reading blogs “just to see what was out there.” It was a whole new world. Thousands of blogs, perhaps even millions of blogs. There were blogs whose posts were endlessly long and boring. But there were also blogs whose posts left me laughing and thinking and noticing the beauty in the mundane aspects of my life as a mother.

I was hooked. Once I had a name that was simple (and most importantly, that was my idea!) I was in with both feet.

I’m still hammering out the “what” of my blog. I've posted a little bit of everything. But a few principles guide my posts. Here are at least some of them:

1. Welcome – I consider anyone who comes to my blog as a visitor in my home. You might have to kick a few toys out of the way as you make your way to my kitchen table, but I will do my best to make you feel at home, and I will offer you whatever’s in the fridge.

2. Honor – I want to honor God, my husband, my children, and anyone whose name or pseudonym appears in my posts. I will also try to honor you if I comment on your site as well.

3. Honesty – Because of my commitment to honoring, I may not share every detail of my life with you, but I will not sugar-coat the truth, either. Most aspects of motherhood do not just come naturally for me, and I don’t mind sharing some of those struggles with you. But I have learned a thing or two along the way, too. Keep in mind, I trust God in all aspects (and I do mean ALL) of my life and I will honestly tell you that.

4. Humor – I really don’t want my site to be a downer. I try to keep it light as much as possible.

5. Brevity – I try to keep my posts to 500 words or less. Most people lose interest after that anyway.

Now that I’m “into it” I’m still trying to figure out how to get the rest of my life done and still blog, but I’m getting better.

And what do you know, I’m over 600 words. For someone who had not ever intended to blog, I sure can get wordy!


Diane Viere said...

I am so glad you are blogging! AND, I am soo-o-o-o jealous that your husband understands blogging! He's a blogger!

My husband teases that I spend so much time at the computer because I have a "boyfriend!" HA! I wouldn't want to spend that much time with a boyfriend! I've got blogging friends to catch up with! :)

Looking forward to more of your posts.


Code Yellow Mom said...

I love your five points...so well articulated and I wish could say I thought through things that clearly...I kinda just blurt things out on my blog (which is totally not what I do in real life - does this mean I have a virtual personality?). My biggest struggles with blogging are #5 (I have a 500 word goal every time, but almost always super exceed it, sometimes even after editing "ruthlessly"), and keeping up with my laundry. :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to read about potty-training if you can tell me how to convince my kids that underwear is not just a more comforatable diaper!! (grin)

Seriously - glad you're blogging! I'll be pokin' around some more...

Beck said...

What a good list! I don't know many women who feel like all aspects of motherhood are a smooth fit with them, so you're certainly not alone! I really like your writing.

Susanne said...

Love your guiding principles. That's a really good thing to think that thru. You've given this new blogger something to think about.

Millie said...

:: sigh ::

Hubby knows it makes me happy... so he tolerates it.

Keep up the wonderful posts.

Reverberate58 said...

Great post. I never thought about blogging principals before but having some does make sense and in a way I blog with the same principles you do. Except the 500 word thing. Sometimes I blog long and some time I blog short! Thanks for sharing!

Bethany said...

Heh. Funny. My husband, then boyfriend, is who got me started bloggig as well! Er...wish I could say I manage to blog and keep up with the laundry....but I don't wanna break your honesty policy!! :D

Welcome to the blogosphere!!

Kris said...

Thanks to your husband I am blogging too! Except of course my husband now loves to read what I write and looks everyday to see if I have posted anything new that we can discuss.

Anonymous said...

*raises hand* I want to read how a mother of five potty trains!!!!

I too am glad you started and I think you are following your guidelines perfectly.

Nettie said...

I, too, am glad you are blogging! (Your hand thing, alone, has enriched my life. My daughters no longer need prompting as to what they are supposed to do after school. They even draw themselves little hand charts to follow. Unfortunately, I still have to get them started! Any tips for that?)

I also like your blogging principles. I think it is a good way to focus yourself and what you hope your blog will be like.

someone else said...

I came here from Code Yellow Mom's blog. I like your points on blogging. My daughters got me going on it and my husband has "grown accustomed" to it. He couldn't quite figure out the attraction for a while, but he appreciates that it gives me enjoyment.

Antique Mommy said...

CYM's post piqued my curiosity so I stopped by to see your Blogging Guidelines. And I must say those are good ones, every one of them. I can't think of a thing to add or subtract.

Mrs. H said...

Great blogging principles... I'm new to the blogging world and see you've done quite well getting yours off the ground! Keep up the good work.

RaisingRowdyBoys, Missy said...

I started blogging because I am not good at keeping a journal, so I thought this would motivate me to do so. It is so much more fun!

I am still trying to narrow my subjects down, too. Your list is good. Pretty much sums up mine!

My hubby isn't sure about all this yet, but I am still working on him!