Friday, June 16, 2006

On why we need fathers

With Father's Day coming up, I wanted to pass on two must-read articles by Barbara Curtis at Mommy Life. I've always enjoyed her blog, but this was my first time to read about how her circumstances growing up made her who she is today. Now I know why she has so many children!

She tells her compelling story of growing up fatherless, and her journey to coming to know God as her Father in His Little Girl.

In Dads-Who Needs Them? Barbara gives more reasons why dads are so vital to families, even though popular culture makes them seem unnecessary or even a disadvantage.

If you have a dad, or if you are married to one, thank him today.

As Barbara says,
My advice to those without a dad at home: find an intact family to admire and spend a lot of time with them. If they’re worth admiring, they’re probably sufficiently generous in spirit to have room for more at their table and in their hearts. My friend Rhonda’s dad was a beautiful black man with enough joy to fill a whole row of rowhouses like the one he’d bought for his family. When he walked through the door, everything felt different, everything felt better. Without knowing their family, I might never have known a man could have such a positive effect. I might have settled for less, or never settled at all.

And if you’re blessed enough that you don’t have to go out looking for role models, then thank your dad for being there, for avoiding temptation, for keeping his priorities straight, for all the ways he’s helped you become all you were meant to be, and for loving you enough to never leave.


Code Yellow Mom said...

I read "Dads - who needs them" yesterday and was so touched by it, too. I forwarded it to my husband because his dad left when he was fourteen and they haven't had contact since then. I know he is sometimes grasping for how to do the "dad" thing right, but a lot of it is just showing up, being there, and loving your kids enough to stick it out or sit down and talk to them once in a while. And most Dads do so much more than that. They are so integral to the success and happiness of each family and child. Thanks for the reading recommendation - I'm going to check out "His Little Girl" right now.

Anonymous said...

All I had was my Dad. And I am better off for it :) Now to balance the mom thing with out a role model!

Jennifer said...

That was so perfect for this weekend. I think I'll go find my husband and whisper thanks for the wonderful things he's doing in my life and in our daughter's life. It's hard to find a good man but when you do, you need to hold on tight!