Friday, June 16, 2006

Our '99 rolls over 99

Our '99 Suburban turned over 99,000 miles yesterday. I love this truck, even though it is--well--a truck, and a gas hog. We tend to drive our cars till the wheels fall off, but this one's been good to us for many years. Even though it's starting to show its age, I'm attached to the old thing.

This truck joyfully brought home two babies, a puppy, and (less enthusiastically) a wild assortment of birds, rabbits and hamsters. It took us silently to two grandmothers' funerals, and to a hospital where we whispered sad goodbyes to my sister's stillborn baby.

This truck has taken rowdy loads of boys and girls to ball games; dogs to the vet; and toddlers to everything. It took us on an insane to trip to California, several to Nebraska, and too many to Oklahoma to count.

It's delivered fishing poles, Pack n' Plays, Christmas trees, and bicycles.
It's carried thousands of dollars' worth of groceries.

It's not clean all that often anymore, and even more rarely is it neat. Gravy stains on the carpet remind me of meals prepared for friends with new babies. A red Kool-Aid stain reminds me of one of my many temporary lapses in judgment while driving with children. A scratch in the leather reminds me of a boy who once wore his cowboy boots everywhere, and in all kinds of weather. A splash of nail polish on the seat reminds me of a toddler whose desire for beauty exceeded her willingness to wait for help.

A lopsided rear bumper reminds me of just how forgiving my husband is.

Our big kids have been suggesting lately that we look for another vehicle. My husband would love something a bit a lot more economical.

But it's paid for. And it's a part of the family now. I'm going to hold on to it just as long as I can.

Are you attached to your car?


Carol said...

Oh, you are attached to that vehicle. And it has been faithful and loyal to your family, carrying you to and through a lot over the years. Treat it to a good detail job (it deserves it) and keep on truckin'!

Beck said...

That post made me tear up! Our van - bought THE DAY before the birth of our baby - is pretty much a member of the family... when we bought it, the daughter of the deceased owner (he had been 93!) told us that her father had loved our van, and that she and her sisters thought that he was "haunting" it by making the windshield wipers go on whenever the van drove by places or people that Max had liked. The van didn't stop being "haunted" by Max until the day recently when Max's wife died. We figure he'd been hanging around waiting for her...
Now THAT is a long comment!

Susanne said...

That was a cool post! It made me think that I stress way too often about things and maybe next time something happens in my car, on my furniture or carpet, I'll try and remember I'll look at it one day and it will be a memory to remind me of something good.

Anonymous said...

What a great post! I loved it.

Michelle- This One's for the Girls said...

This is ridiculous. I'm sitting here teared up, reading about you CAR.

Great post...

Unknown said...

"A lopsided rear bumper reminds me of just how forgiving my husband is." Oh how I can relate to this, unfortunately.

MaryLu said...

Love my 'Burban!!
I've got one year on yours and several thousand miles, and mines not paid for, Yet.
But she is a prt of the family, gas-guzzling thing that she is.
I love my truck!