Monday, June 05, 2006

Right between the eyes

I was getting on to my 12-year-old daughter the other day about the amount of time she spends taking silly pictures and uploading them on the computer. Some of them are worth preserving, but most are distorted self-portraits taken at arm's length. Her friends come over and they change the colors, stitch them together, or otherwise try to impress each other with how crazy they can make them.

"But Mom, " (I hate conversations that begin this way) "You are doing the same thing."

"What on earth are you talking about?"

"You take pictures and write stuff, then check to see who's commenting."


Okay, so here's today's confessional.

In the last couple of weeks, since the start of our kids' summer vacation, I've been a terrible mother:

* My laundry is piled high.
* My kids have watched movies just about every night.
* My 4-year-old wears her favorite pajamas till noon.
* And, well, here's what my 2-year-old's hair looks like most of the day.

Whew! It's a good thing I didn't write about all the lovely meals I plan, because then I'd have to admit that my kids have been foraging for themselves way too much!

There, I feel better now. Just on the slim chance you thought things were perfect around here.

They're not.

And just in case I forgot, God sent His 12-year-old messenger to remind me.

Pride comes before destruction, and an arrogant spirit before a fall.
Proverbs 16:18


Nettie said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. After all, being able to choose to stay in pjs till noon and watch movies is partly what a "vacation" is all about. I'm sure you weren't planning on spending the entire summer that way, anyways. It hardly makes you a terrible mother!

Anonymous said...

awww you are fine!! Everyone has things that get done and things that don't. What matters is that you talk to your kids and enjoy your time with them!

Millie said...

Come on - you KNOW you're not a bad mother. It's amazing how much we have in common. This sounds exactly like my house, complete with a mom who wishes she were perfect and beats herself up about it.

This morning my 7-year-old son said to me, "You hog the computer all the time!"

As if I needed reminding.

Carol said...

Sometimes our kids are like little mirrors, aren't they? Unfortunately, when their little bulbs light up, the lighting isn't always flattering.

My oldest: "Why do I have to make my bed? Yours isn't made, either."

Okay, time to fix that.

Kris said...

Oh the things that I will learn from my child (I can't wait)!
Sorry I missed you on Sunday.

Carol said...

Katherine, could you email me, please?


Anonymous said...

You know what is funny sometimes. How God uses some situations to remind us that have weaknesses. Leave it to our children (although I only have one) - the make us think sometimes.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment so I can check out your blog.:)

Beck said...

I think everyone goes through a couple of very relaxed weeks when summer starts - not only are the kids unwinding from being in school all year, but you're getting used to the rythym of having them around all day again.

My four-year-old and your 2-year-old should exchange hair notes - I think they share a stylist.
Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog! THey were appreciated.

erinlo said...

Katherine- I found your blog through "Simplicity" and I have to tell you that your post today was quite amusing to me. I was having a conversation recently with my husband about the amount of time I spend on-line- it's way too much. I'm not doing bad things- I've rationalized it by telling myself I'm "making friends" and there aren't many ways for a stay at home mom who stays at home most of the time to do that!!! But, alas, I do find myself neglecting my family sometimes and I thank God for reminding me of it!!!! The other day, I was blogging and a thunderstorm came and knocked out electricity and I lost my post I was writing. At first, I was very frustrated, but then I thought, "This was a message from the Lord!!!! You want me to go spend some time with the children, right???" I did and came back to blogging later. So- all that to say- you are not the only one who God is sending messages to!!!

Jan/ said...

Katherine, Thanks for visiting my blog, *and* for leaving comments. You asked about a swivel hook. It's like the thingy on the end of a dog leash, a hook that swivels. I got mine at Wal-mart, back at the back, where you go to get tires rotated, or have a key made. It has the hook on one end, and a ring on the other, which I attached to my keyring. When it is attached to my purse strap, I can swivel the keys around so that they hang sort of inside my purse, instead of jangling around on the outside. And the hook comes in handy for hanging my keys at home too. Enjoy!

Susanne said...

"Out of the mouths of babes" I believe is how the bible puts it. Sigh.

And I have pictures of my daughters feet, one eyeball, etc. Kids, gotta love 'em! Thanks for visiting my site.s