Sunday, June 04, 2006

What's blooming in my garden

Since I will never be half the gardener Carol and Kim are (but oh, how I aspire!), I have to choose my plants wisely.

Here are two plants that meet my amateur gardening criteria:

1. They come back year after year.
2. They have LOTS of flowers (they love our Texas heat).
3. They bloom from spring till frost.
4. They make good cut flowers.
5. They tolerate neglect and abuse and still love me (oops, forgot to water you for the last...month!).

Salvia (this one is Blue Bedder, and it must be easy if even I can grow it from seed!):

Lantana - loves the heat, and makes more blooms the more you cut.

Oh, and they attract butterflies!

Between these two plants, I have flowers for indoor arrangements for almost half the year (you know, the half that's too hot to garden here!).


Millie said...

Gorgeous. I love the colors! And you sound like me when it comes to watering... "Oh yeah, I have PLANTS outside!"

Code Yellow Mom said...

Love the lantana especially...gorgeous coloring. Are they a type of geranium?

I garden about the same. Cna't keep a plant house alive to save my soul, either. Luckily, everything outside here grows whether we want it to or not. :)

Nettie said...

Beautiful flowers! I have salvia victoria just starting to bloom, but I've never tried the lantana. It's beautiful, and actually looks like it'd be difficult to grow. I love seeing photos of people's flowers!

Anonymous said...

Those look awesome! I totally cannot wait to have a yard!

Carol said...

Since you are twice the gardener Carol is (ahem!) you have beautiful flowers to bring indoors. Mine sort of die on the vine, so to speak. Looks like a green thumb to me!