Friday, June 30, 2006

Whew! That's a relief! The latest in blog news

Since my husband is in the corporate blogging world, he keeps me abreast of the company-side of blogging. This article by a top Hewlett-Packard marketing exec lets me off the hook.
Blog post frequency does not matter anymore.
He gives 10 reasons why the tendency to blog too frequently will ultimately decrease the quality and credibility of your (my) blog. I'll wait here with my cup of coffee while you go read it.

Now, granted, he is coming from the business world, where blogs are justified only when they serve a company's purpose, such as brand recognition, targeted marketing or market information.

However, I think those of us in the mommyblogging world can learn a few things. For example:

1. What is the purpose of your blog? Is it to entertain? To educate? To think out loud? To be a part of a community? I think all of these can have a place. I enjoy reading blogs that have a little of all of the above, but I do want to read something that has at least a semblance of a "point" (even if that point is a funny story!).

I know you don't need any more clutter in your life (or your RSS feed) so I'll try not to be posting ALL the rambling minutiae of mine!

2. Have you thought about who your "target audience" is? Is it women only? Moms? Only Christian moms? Do you want your blog to be attractive even to those who might not otherwise come to a Christian's blog? Something to think about and to help decide what I choose (or choose not) to post.

3. How does your family feel about your blogging habits? This is actually on this non-religious, corporate-sponsored marketing guy's list. OUCH!

I won't link to it (there is at least one objectionable post), but there is link on the article's #10 to an otherwise very funny site called Bloggers Anonymous. Maybe some of us need to pay them a visit and get some help!

I'm new to blogging, but I've already seen my kids roll their eyes when I've gotten back on the computer to "check" something. I can see that I'm going to have to make some changes to how I do things around here. I love you, really I do, but priorities are priorities.

Anyway, I love blogging - perhaps too much. But if I miss a day or two here and there, it's not because I don't love's because I'm working on - perhaps even crafting - something even better to share.

You know - quality, not quantity.


Carol said...

I agree with him that frequent posting is not that important. I have found, however, that consistency is very important. If a blogger posts every day for a month, then only twice the next month, then every day for a week, then only once or twice in the following month, it becomes difficult to know what to expect from then and frustrating to keep them in the feed reader. Quality vs. quantity and consistency vs. randomness is what I'd opt for. (Except my quality isn't what it could be, so paint me a hypocrite.)

Nettie said...

This was an interesting read. I really do think it is important to think about why you are blogging. I mainly blog as a way to preserve family history and express myself about the things I love. But, because others do read it, I do feel pressure to tailor my posting in a way that hopefully is interesting to them, too. The unexpected benefit I have found is the "community" he speaks of. I have made many mom blogging friends and learned a great deal from the experience and talents of others, including you! (I love the hand chore idea so much, I've started sharing it with my IRL friends. I love seeing those little fists when they come tell me their chores are done!)

Anonymous said...

This was very helpful, Katherine. I'm so glad you addressed it and taught me some new things. I really appreciate your blog and posts.

Nicole said...

Very interesting! I need to ponder all of that for a while. I am new to blogging too and this really is making me think. BTW - Love your blog!! It's one of my favs.!!

Unknown said...

I read the article, and do agree with the fact that you have to figure out your audience and write to suit them. I've been thinking a alot about "blog clutter" as well, and a thought will come into my head that I really want to share. As I let it sit, I realize that it probably doesn't need to be published as general interest for everyone, so I refrain. I do usually post daily (and occasionally more than once a day), because I still have a backlog of things that I want to share that I think are quality or that are timely.

I loved all of your points, too. You defined what I generally expect when I am reading a blog, and think that you do a great job of it. I also strive for these things in writing mine.

Unknown said...

I just linked to this post today, and even quoted you directly, you wise woman, you.

Striving to be a Thing of Beauty

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Excellent article referenced. I do think subscribing (through Bloglines etc) to an RSS feed does change everything and it is no longer "necessary" to post daily. KEY thoughts about only 1% of bloggers posting anything of import... what am I contributing to? MOST thought-provoking post. I am considering changing how I write... Thank you.

Ann V.

Eric Kintz said...


Thanks for linking to my post. I thought you would enjoy the follow up analysis on how this post spread virally throughout the blogosphere.