Sunday, July 16, 2006

Colorful Optimism

God has blessed our family with at least one eternal optimist - our five year old.

True to form, she was a sweet ray of sunshine, as our ever-lengthening trip to Florida tried to dampen even the best of our optimistic intentions.

On one stop at a particularly dismal public restroom, I tried not to gag as I saw the tell-tale bright pink germ-slime lining the rim of the potty.

Our five-year-old saw it, too.

"Pretty!" she said. "It looks like lipstick!"


Wendy said...

My son is 5! I love 5 year olds!

Jen said...

Children are wonderful......they make us smile when we are sad, upset or disgusted.......5 is such a great age.

Nicole said...

OH - That is too cute. I can just imagine the change in your facial expression after she said that, realizing that she was finding only good in this situation.

Theresa said...

So sweet - don't you just love them girls!!