Friday, July 21, 2006

Grandparents are the best

My parents arrived the other day, just in time to help my sister with some final details for my niece's wedding.

Lucky us, they get to stay at our house.

All the kids especially love Grandpa.

It's a treasured right to sit in his lap, play tickle, or just snuggle with him.

Here the little girls made their own mustaches "just like Grandpa's."

Our son is not too old to find Grandpa's chest a great place to take a nap.

All Grandpa has to do is sit on the sofa, and he has a waiting line.

Our eight-year-old got up from the dinner table the other night and said, "May I make a reservation to sit in your lap, Grandpa?"

After dinner last night, she got right to the point: "I call Grandpa!"


Wendy said...

How sweet and what great pictures!

AJ said...

What precious pictures! I LOVE your's so encouraging.

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome pictures!! Have a great time at the wedding!

Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

So sweet! There's nothing like Grandpa!


Jan/ said...

Both of my granfathers passed on before I was born; maybe that's why it melts my heart to see our grandkids with their Peepaw. Love your pictures--I've just gotta figure out how to operate our digital camera, and how to put the pictures on the computer!

Stephanie said...

How neat is that. Grandpa's rock.