Tuesday, August 15, 2006

111th post

As usual, I'm running just slightly behind here. School is going, and I'm hoping to catch up on the rest of my life, including reading all your blogs, before softball and volleyball start next week!!

So my 100th post came and went. Never fear. I will not bore you with 111 things, but here is an incredibly long list of minutia about my life, most of which you probably could have figured out if you had studiously read my previous 110 posts (yeah, right!).

Here goes!

  • I am left-handed.
  • But I bat and cut with scissors right-handed.
  • And kick right-footed (how’s that for minutia??).
  • Sometimes I don’t know which hand to use when I use a screwdriver.
  • All eight of my great-grandparents were Norwegian immigrants.
  • I am the third of four children.
  • But I was the bossiest.
  • I was even moved to a different kindergarten class because I was so bossy to one boy.
  • I still like to be in control.
  • But God has done wonders in my life.
  • How else could I handle five kids?
  • I mentally count things as I chop, fold or sort them.
  • I like the rhythm of it.
  • My sister is my best friend.
  • But I have also been blessed with a few close girl friends.
  • And many blog friends!
  • I can tolerate big social gatherings but I prefer one-on-one visits.
  • My husband is the best thing that ever happened to me.
  • I am a registered nurse.
  • But I haven’t practiced in five years so I’m not sure what that makes me.
  • I do know CPR and the Heimlich still.
  • It’s not pretty.
  • My mind thinks in lists, charts and graphs.
  • This is good for school.
  • This is not that good for relationships.
  • Life doesn't fit very well in a box.
  • I'm learning flexibility!
  • I love a good joke.
  • But I can't tell one for the life of me! (Punch line? Huh?)
  • I lived for four years in Mexico as a kid.
  • Hablo poquito espanol.
  • Mostly I gained a huge appreciation for really good Mexican food.
  • I could eat quesadillas for lunch every day.
  • Chips and salsa enhance any meal.
  • I can sew pretty well.
  • Other than pajama pants, I haven’t sewn clothes in years.
  • I made my first quilt a couple of years ago.
  • But I gave it away so I can’t show you. It was gorgeous, if I remember correctly.
  • I like to crochet edges on flannel baby blankets.
  • That is how I passed time when I was on bedrest for four out of five pregnancies.
  • Three for preterm labor.
  • One for sub-chorionic bleed.
  • None of them was born preterm.
  • I must have a really good cervix.
  • I wanted all of our children have at least one family name.
  • They all do.
  • In fifth grade I was one of the tallest girls in my class.
  • That was the end of it.
  • I’m 5’2 ½” (don’t forget that ½!)
  • My dad and brothers are over six feet, so I’m hoping the kids get some of their height.
  • Our 12 yr old daughter is already 5’ 4”, so I’m hopeful.
  • One of my biggest pet peeves is bad grammar.
  • But I don’t have any problem starting a sentence with ‘but.’
  • Or using an occasional sentence fragment. Obviously.
  • Or throwing punctuation around like a silverware drawer caught in tornado.
  • As long as it helps me make my point.
  • I would rather bake than cook.
  • I would rather work in the yard than clean the house.
  • I’m pretty good with power tools.
  • I’m especially fond of my chain saw.
  • I love two year olds.
  • They give really good hugs because their arms are so short.
  • I’m sad to see mine growing up.
  • But I'm surprisingly enjoying the preteen years. Who'da thought?
  • I'm pretty athletic.
  • I played volleyball in high school.
  • I still like to play with my daughters
  • But, man, my back didn’t used to hurt like that!
  • I graduated from high school early through independent study.
  • Now they would call it home schooling.
  • My husband is the only man I’ve ever kissed.
  • It is one of my proudest accomplishments.
  • I’ve kept a journal since 7th grade.
  • I’m scared to read most of it.
  • My husband and I have moved nine times in 21 years.
  • Our current house is the longest we’ve ever lived anywhere - 4 ½ years.
  • If we ever move from here it will take two semis and an army of movers.
  • I read the Psalms daily.
  • God is my refuge and strength.
  • I wanted 10 kids.
  • My husband wanted three.
  • Five was a good, happy medium.
  • I’m so glad we have that last one.
  • She is the icing on the cake.
  • I have had braces twice.
  • And will probably get them again - crazy messed-up bite!
  • I sleep with four pillows:
  • Two under my head,
  • One over my head (throwbacks of learning to sleep off a nightshift in broad daylight),
  • And a body pillow.
  • It’s crowded in our queen size bed!
  • When I am alone I rarely turn on music or TV.
  • I like silence.
  • But then again, I am rarely ever alone.
  • I always have several books going at the same time.
  • I love working in the yard.
  • Spring is my favorite time of year.
  • I love the wonder of watching green things poking through the ground.
  • I like to be feminine, but I do not like fru-fru.
  • My photo albums are seriously behind.
  • I fear I will never catch up.
  • But my blog is up to date.
  • I eat peanut butter toast (with honey or jelly) for breakfast almost every morning.
  • I drink at least three cups of coffee with it.
  • Cream, no sugar.
  • Don’t bother me with the flavored stuff.
  • I haven’t drunk a Diet Coke in over a year.
  • It’s a miracle (I used to drink 2-3 per day).
  • I have only owned one brand new car in my entire life.
  • A blue 1987 Honda Civic.
  • We drove it until it had 166,000 miles and sold it to a very happy college student.
  • It was a great car.
  • It probably still is.
  • I believe in the power of butter.
  • Especially when it is combined with things like chocolate and sugar.
  • I’d rather have a small portion of something incredible, than a large portion of something “diet.”
  • We went without a coffee table for years because I couldn’t find one I liked.
  • I’d rather have a big blank space than have something I didn’t like in my house.
  • I have lots of blank spaces.
  • I had my nails done.
  • Once.
  • I’ve never had my hair professionally highlighted.
  • I’m too cheap.
  • I do it myself.
  • But I love a really good haircut.
  • I’ve been going to the same hairdresser for 19 years.
  • Boy, that makes me feel old.
  • But loyal.
  • I should really let her do highlights, just to celebrate our 20th anniversary of good hair.
  • I used to be a perfectionist.
  • In my old days I would have counted how many things I’ve listed here.
  • But I have learned to tolerate a lot of chaos.
  • And accept solid effort as “Good enough.”
  • Good thing, huh?!


Wendy said...

This was fun to read. It's funny because I pictured you being about 5'8" for some reason?
I love that your husband is the only man you have ever kissed. I'd rather bake than cook too. And, I love mexican food.

Susanne said...

I'm with Wendy, I pictured you as around 5'8". I could have guessed some but I'lm not sure I would have guessed you were lefthanded from reading your blog. :)

Great list!

Beck said...

I thought you were tall, too! I TOWER over you! My brother and I almost got thrown out of a CPR class, which is pretty special. Come on over, and I'll make us something with butter, sugar and chocolate!

Blackeyedsue said...

I love this!

Hey, from your picture I thought you were at least 5'7". I think that is a common thought here.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Loved reading this, Katherine. My mind thinks in lists, charts, and graphs, too. And I sleep with a pillow over my head. There were lots of other things I could relate to as well (like baking and reading). Thanks for doing this list - it was great to get to know you a little better!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

What, because you've only seen me in a little black dress, did you think I was Miss America or something? Now really. I long for that willowy look but it escapes reality for me.

My feet hurt for A WEEK after wearing those heels. So glad to get back to flip flops, a T-shirt, and to look at life again from my normal vantage point - looking UP to everyone over the age of 12 around here!

Heather said...

I sympathize. I am 5'3" and a half. I too always add that half. my 8 year old is already the height I was in 7th grade so I figure she will be taller.

I also do my own hair (cut it too). And can do most things right or left handed. I do n't know which hand I use for most things because it depends on what I am doin and which hand is more convenient. I am definitely left legged but am right eyed, and right brained.

Silence is lovely when you are used to constant noise. My husband is opposite in this. He likes silence or techno to work but can't stand silence to sleep.

Annie said...

I want to know how you gave up Diet Coke...that is my next big challenge!!

TheNormalMiddle said...

All my kids have family names too. If we have another one (adopted) we will have to think very carefully because we're down to names like Ruby, Violet, and Earl. :)

I enjoyed your list. Oh! And I have the same faithful hairdresser too. It is a crime of good manners to switch hairdressers here in the south, you know!

Laura said...

Katherine this was so fun to read. I really enjoyed it and learning all sorts of fun facts about you. Someday I will have to do a list like this. I LOVE how loyal you are to have gone to the same hairdresser for 19 years. How blessed you are. I'm also left handed and cut scissors right handed...LOL. Laura

Glass Half Full said...

Seriously -- I would have a hard time finding that many things about me.

I enjoyed learning more about you. :)

Michelle- This One's for the Girls said...

You're such an interesting person, Katherine.

And hey--I definitely think you deserve to celebrate 20 years of good hair with professional highlights. :)

Code Yellow Mom said...

This was such a great post to read!

I dare you to read your 7th grade journal. :)

And I thought 5'11" - so funny, huh?

Andrea said...

your blog is so refreshing, I love coming here. you are so real! :)
I loved your "100 things about yourself."

Anonymous said...

I would have guessed that you were tall too. How strange. Great post - now I know everything there is to know about you, right?

Tammy said...

Ok...I promise not to say that I also thought you were tall! (Even though I did!) ;)
This was so much fun to read! I love what you said about your albums being seriously behind...but your blog was up-to-date! I could so relate!

And I'm so impressed that your husband is the only man you ever kissed!

It was fun getting to know you better!

Stephanie said...

What a fun list! :)

Theresa said...

Two things - I can't believe your husband is the only man you ever kissed! I think my jaw dropped at that one. And, if you're going to the same hair dresser for 19 years and you live in Dallas - you need to give up her name? And, just remember if you go with professional highlights there's going back! ;)

Great list, loved it! Oh, and I'll just skip the whole height thing-y. :)

Lana said...

happy 111th from another shorty (5'3") who has never had a good hair day!

MicheleinNZ said...

You do your own highlights? Is that hard? I've been thinking about doing it myself because I just can't pay $100 to get it done (I live in NZ and I have very long hair) and then pay for the upkeep, too. Any tips?

Unknown said...

My 100th also came and went, and I was going to do what you did, but 112, but then I had to leave for the funeral etc. . . . I think it's gone forever.

Shawna said...

A great list - so funny! It is so good to get to know you better. Your blog is always so enjoyable!

60 toes said...

Loved your blog, I stumbled on it tonight, I can't even remember from where. It is late, I should be in bed but I enjoy the silence too. I only have three kids but don't get too much silence so I stay up way to late to enjoy it. I LOVED your list, it is fun to read random facts like that. Reading your list reminded me I have a load of laundry that I need to put in the dryer.

Have a great Friday. Today is our last day of school, I am ready for summer.


Sherri@NoiseOverload said...

Wow! That was very fun to read. It was like coming over for some chocolate chip cookies (or just the dough in my case). I remember when we found your coffee table on a rare but fun girl's night out. You wanted ten kids? I never knew that. I miss you.