Friday, August 25, 2006

Introduction, please

Just thought you’d be proud of me.

In the spirit of Officer Jones, I went to my 7th grade daughter’s open house last night, and re-introduced myself to several people. You know, people whose names (after four years of our kids going to school together) I “should” know. Or maybe I once knew, but it’s been so long, we just needed to reconnect.

I worked very hard to learn my daughter’s new friends’ names and to introduce myself to their parents. It really took very little extra effort. And it felt great.

It’s not that I was ever unfriendly. At least not intentionally. I think it’s more a matter of being absorbed in my own agenda. This seems to be a recurring theme in my life: stripping away a little more of self, one layer at a time. DOES IT NEVER END??

I was really amazed. Not one person said:
  • I remembered YOUR name. What is wrong with you?
  • I would really prefer not to associate with you.
  • I was hoping you wouldn’t introduce yourself to me.
Everyone was nice BACK to me. Imagine that.

I’m hooked.

And just in time for the DFW Bloggers Get Together, which is shaping up nicely. I need to start memorizing names and faces RIGHT NOW! If you are interested in joining us the last weekend in October (we even have a few flying in!), you can get more information here.

I'm volunteering to bring nametags.


Susanne said...

Oh I so want to go! Alas Dallas is a long way off from Canada and unless I win a lottery or something, well you know the story!

Beck said...

You're very brave! I'm so bad with names that I've becomed used to having to reintroduce myself to people, but there is this one woman who I AM SORT OF FRIENDS WITH, WHO CALLS ME, WHO I GO FOR COFFEE WITH AND I DO NOT KNOW HER NAME. At this point, it would just be offensive to ask! I keep hoping someone will come over and say "Hi, X!"

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Good job, Katherine! I'm sure your daughter appreciates the effort just as much as all the people you made the effort to re-introduce yourself to. And as for the layers of self...sigh...there is no end in sight as far as my layers go... I just keep peeling, and peeling, and peeling...

And Beck - oh you poor girl. You need to find some way to sneak a peek at that woman's credit card or driver's license or something. That would be torture for me!

voni said...

Whats your secret for remembering names? I can't always remamber my kids friends names so I call them buddy or sweetie. That doesn't always work well for adults though:(
Have fun with your get together. Sounds great!

Christine said...

That is really tough to do! I have been at my church now for 4 years and am on staff, no less, and there are so many people whose names I should know but don't. And I'm too scared to ask them! You're my hero.


Glass Half Full said...

I am horrible at remembering names...and with kids around me as I am talking to new neighbors, I am more light in the head!!

Laura said...

Way to go Katherine! Definitely impressed!

Tammy said...

I AM proud of you! That is such a great thing to actually try and put into practice something like that.

I'm rather shy by nature, so it's a stretch for me. But it's something I'm working on!

Jen said...

Good for you our Back to school night is in September...I'm going to do this too...thanks for being an inspiration to us all.