Thursday, August 17, 2006

A novel meme - are ya feelin' stretched?

Lucky for me, my friends Suzanne and Laurel both tagged me for the same meme!

You know how well this is going over on my efficiency meter. Woo-hoo!

Here it is:

If you could write a novel about any subject, what would it be? (Just the subject–don’t give away your plot idea!)

Okay, I’m never going to publish a work of fiction, because I’m too busy trying to dispose of laundry in the real world, so I’ll give you the plot anyway.

I loved the movie The Incredibles (which we enjoyed with our big kids - too violent for the little one, and what’s up with the devil baby?).

ANYWAY, my story idea would be to write a sequel, following the life of the hero-mom, Elastigirl. I would call it:

Incredible Mom: Stretchy But Not Loose

(But hey, I‘m flexible on the title - har, har!).

In the last episode, Elastigirl came full circle, going from denying her stretchiness - to embracing it.

In this installment, we watch Elastigirl as she wraps her very long arms around the challenges of next stage of her life. Using her newly rediscovered flexibility, our heroine helps her husband and children realize even more of their hidden superpowers.

Soon, however, she finds herself getting stretched too thin, and her ability to flex, even one more inch, is in jeopardy. She is beginning to show signs of becoming overextended.

Can Elastigirl hold on? Will will she discover the secret to keeping her superpowers strong, before her brittle, elongated body snaps in two??

Hey! Speaking of which, I'm feeling a little thin myself (yeah, right) - coffee's on, and it's about time for some chocolate chip cookies, isn't it? Come on over and we can brainstorm sequels for each of the kids, too!

I'm tagging anyone who wants to play!

But I especially want to hear from:





Rachel Anne

And for those of you Elastigirl fans, just for fun:
Top Ten Elastigirl Quotes:
10. " You knocked down a building??"
9. "Sure you got him. I just knocked him out."
8. "Oh, you're talking about me now?"
7. "We are not going to panic...LOOK OUT!!!"
6. "Either he's in trouble, or he's going to be."
5. "They're just all getting the same time."
4. "Both of you get a grip, or so help me, I will ground you for a month!"
3. "Whatever happened to ladies first?"
2. "Leave the saving of the world to the men? I don't think so!"
1. "We're superheroes. What could happen?"


Code Yellow Mom said...

Elastigirl is my favorite!!!! This would be a bestseller, for sure...

Lori said...

I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!! I would rent, buy, memeorize the book =))

Susanne said...

You are tooooo funny! That was wonderful and you should sell it to the guys who made the Incredibles! I know it was a "stretch" but you really outdid yourself!

Wendy said...

I love it!

Thanks for the tag.

Heather said...

Thanks for the tag. :)

We love the Incredibles! Elsastigirl really is Supermom. Have you watched the interview with the maker of the movie. It was great. His wife is a stay-at-home in the midst of working moms. Some of the comments actually came fom his life, or at least partly.

Shalee said...

Katherine, that was terrific! And you know that every mother on earth can relate...

Gina Conroy said...

Love it! And who needs clean clothes with a sequel like that brewing!

Glass Half Full said...

Very cute! :)

Code Yellow Mom said...

I forgot earlier to add my favorite line: "If we are going to make this work, you are going to have to me more than Mr. Incredible. You know, that, don't you?" ;)

Mississippi Girl said...

This is so CUTE!!! Recently started reading your blog, and have SO enjoyed it!
Jennifer R.

Wendy said...

Mine is up now.

Jan/ said...

I just love your blog! You make me laugh every time!

Carol said...

Woah! Sounds like a tall tale to me. I love it!

Shawna said...

I love "The Incredibles." Good choice!