Monday, August 28, 2006

True Love Waits info

Here's a link for Laura about True Love Waits.

According to their website:

True Love Waits® is one of several approaches to challenging teenagers and college students to make a commitment to sexual abstinence until marriage. Created by LifeWay Christian Resources, True Love Waits is designed to encourage moral purity by adhering to biblical principles.

I like the way they say it is "one of several approaches." In our home, giving our kids a ring like this is only an outward symbol of the inward convictions we are trying to help them build about their own purity. The most important thing we want is for them to be growing in their own relationship with Christ. When they start to live their lives to please Him, it makes the whole purity thing easier to understand - it's one part of a whole life devoted to Christ, not just another "outward rule" to be followed (even though there are benefits to abstinence even without considering its spiritual component!).

Just like other parts of the Christian life, we're modeling purity, talking about it, involved in church where it is encouraged, praying for and with them, and doing everything we can to build a relationship of trust with them. Ultimately, it has to become their own conviction.

We actually did not use the True Love Waits program, but did Passport to Purity - which has a similar challenge that the kids sign but is geared for preteens. Our church uses even another program. Having the Daddy-daughter date and giving her the ring was just one more way of reminding her how special she is, and that she has something precious to save for marriage.

Michele in NZ - thanks for your encouraging words - our daughter thought your story was so cool!

**Updated to add**

Don't be impressed that we came up with the 13th birthday Daddy-daughter date on our own. If we ever do anything cool with our kids, it's usually because my sister and her husband did it first. We are not very creative, but we are really good at copying other people's great ideas!

Whatever works, right?


Laura said...

That has got to be one of the most beautiful ideas I have ever heard about. I love that you can get rings, necklaces or bracelets. I also love that your hubbie took your daughter out for a date. That will be something that she will always remember I'm sure. Thank you for sharing Katherine!

Jenn @ Knee-Deep in Munchkin Land said...

We, too, had a similar sit-down, momentous occasion at 15 years of age. About 2 weeks beforehand, Mom and Dad accompanied each daughter to the jeweler and we got to pick out our own "promise" ring. Then on our 15th birthday they presented us with our promise ring, in front of the whole family, and talked about the significance of waiting until marriage. =) It has created some wonderful family memories!!

Susanne said...

We gave our daughter one for her 16th but with our next one we'll do it earlier. Love how Dad gave it to her on their birthday date!

Annie said...

I love how you parent your children...I'm sure you make each child feel special. These will be things I will remember when my daughter become a teen...a few years yet.

Tammy said...

I just scrolled down to read the last couple posts. I love this idea of a father\daughter date!
I have heard of the programs you have mentioned...and I want to look into them for my own two girls later on.

I remember deciding early on that I was going to keep myself pure. And since I married after age 30, it was not easy!!!
But it's proof to me from my own experience that if you decide at at tender age to stay pure, you are more likely to keep that promise, no matter what tempations are thrown in your path. And most of all, if it's because first and foremost, you want to love and honor God, then that is truly the key, I think!

A Happy birthday to your daughter...Happy Teens! :)