Wednesday, August 02, 2006

WFMW - Three Basket Method for hand-me-downs

Just a quick one here about hand-me-downs. I'll call it my Three Basket Method.

At the top of each of my kids' closets I keep two laundry baskets. One is for out-of-season clothes, and the other is for Goodwill items.

I like laundry baskets because they are open at the top, and they fit on my shelves, but you can use whatever you like. Open baskets encourage me to "do it now!" (People like me will use any reason, even having to open a box, as an excuse not to deal with hand-me-downs!).

As the season changes, I decide if the if the item will possibly fit the child next year, and I throw it fold it neatly in the basket. Items for the Goodwill get thrown into that basket.

For those clothes kids' clothes I want to save for the next child down, I also keep a large plastic bin with a cover, pre-labeled with the clothing size (or size range). As I see that the current child has outgrown something, it goes directly into the box. Once the box is full, it gets moved to the attic.

I try to go through everyone's closets twice a year and scavenge the items that didn't get thrown in the baskets along the way. As you may know, seasons are a bit of a misnomer here in Texas...we just have weather. You just never know when you're going to have that 85 degree day in December, so I always miss some stray outgrown/out of season items, but at least the job is part-way started. For me, that's always the hardest part of any job!

Of course,we still struggle to keep the day-to-day clothes picked up and neat, but hey, at least our shelves look good!

Now if only my own closet were this organized! The day I get THAT deep, dark place organized(the day it snows in Texas in July?), I will certainly let you know.

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Beck said...

What a great method! My husband works in a place that ends up throwing away tons of lidded sturdy paper boxes, so we use those, but it's the same idea. I keep one going in my kids' room until it's full, and then into the attic.

Eagles Wings said...

I like the laundry basket idea! thanks for sharing..

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

I do something very similar with Ikea clear bins at the bottom of my DD's wardrobe.. one for out of season clothes, one for out of season boots and shoes and one for clothes that don't fit anymore.

It's a great idea!



Lori said...

Great idea,that is one area I need to be more organized in.

Michelle- This One's for the Girls said...

Great idea--it improves upon my system--so I'm excited.

Code Yellow Mom said...

This is a terrific tip...I've been trying out different methods of passing down/giving away and I just end up with lots of boxes full of clothes that I forgot the system that led to them being there. :) That's how organized I am these days. I think this could work for me! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea!
Hey come on over to my place and let's talk books!

See you there!

Unknown said...

Great idea. I have 4 kiddos that are ALWAYS outgrowing their clothes ... I'm somewhat lazy when it comes to this and I end up leaving them in drawers until they don't close anymore ... and I'm at my wits end with my being so unorganized. I do love organization in every other aspect of my life ... with your idea, I can now tackle the hand me down clothes problem I was having!


Kristina at Learn2Luv2Run said...

Great idea. I do a very similar thing except I use the baby diaper boxes...with a paper labeling the sizes exactly.

Susanne said...

Funny thing, on the weather network today, they're predicting an unusual weather system blowing into Texas. Possible snow storm on the way Tomorrow! :D

Shawna said...

That's a good idea. Thanks.

Mama Duck said...

I use the baby diaper boxes too ;).

Susanne said...

Hee, your responding comment had me giggling all evening, my friend. I like your sense of Ha Ha.