Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Who are you, anyway?

I am fairly new to the blog world, but I occasionally get emails with questions of this nature:

“Who are you, and where do you come from?”

Obviously, I do not fit into the stereotype of the perfect big-family mom. For one thing, try as I may, I cannot get my children to wear hair bows. And heaven knows I could never get them all to be color-coordinated. I do not own a jumper (however, my entire wardrobe could use an overhaul). I do not bake my own bread (but I do buy it from here – does that count?). I stink at gardening. I have been known (on a rare--but heavenly--occasion) to have my house professionally cleaned (and no, I’m NOT the professional). I’m not particularly crafty. Our kids prefer sports to just about any other activity, including sitting tenderly at my feet and hearing a Bible lesson. We feel strongly about being involved in our local church, but that does not mean we are there every time the doors are open. And although we’ve tried various educational options in the past (and we revisit this constantly), as I mentioned yesterday, our kids attend our very fine area public schools (good thing we live smack dab on the buckle of the Bible Belt!).

Although we love God, and our lives are committed to His way, we are far from perfect. I've made lots of mistakes as a person, as a friend, as a wife, and especially, as a mother. In fact, things can get pretty loud and boisterous around here, and on occasion we wonder how such nice people like us could possibly be raising such a crazy band of hooligans.

So what does that make me? Crazy? Bizarre? Eccentric?

Well, maybe a little of that.

I like to think I’m someone just like you.

I’m someone who God took – with all my pride and selfishness – and rescued from thinking I could plug in a formula and out would pop perfection - perfect husband, perfect home, perfect kids. Rescued me from trying to live up to some outward measure of what it means to be a "good mother."

Mostly He rescued me from thinking I could do it on my own.

I’m someone who daily needs His help, because the problems I face – from keeping my house from being condemned, to dealing with my children’s character issues – are just too big for me.

I’m someone who looks at the insanity around me and prays things like this:

I am poor and needy;
Yet the Lord thinks upon me.
You are my help and my deliverer.
Do not delay, O my God.

Psalm 40:17

(I especially pray the "Do not delay" part!)

Yes, there is more to the story - I may get to The History of Me someday.

But for now all you need to know is that it's not my story - it's His.


Annie said...

Very well written...we are all like you...human. While I only have one child myself, I'm the youngest of 8 children. We had a boisterous, crazy but very loving home...certainly far from perfect. I loved my big family, we are all very close and I'm so thankful that my mum would rather spend the time with us than all of the other things that people would expect. Your children will be thankful that God gave them the parents who would rather have a happy family than a perfect one!

Susanne said...

I think all that makes you thoroughly enjoyable! I love this post, Katherine, and wish you'd move to Alberta, Canada so we could get together on a regular basis!

Jennifer said...

That's beautiful and such an awesome way of looking at life. =) I've discovered that motherhood completely changes everything. I thought I'd have the answers to everything and instead I'm being taught so much about my husband, myself, and God through the eyes of our toddler. I love it!

Jan/lost-strayed-or-stolen.blogspot.com said...

"do not delay, oh my God"
I'm praying that right now.

Jen said...


Laura said...

That is so true Katherine. It is HIS story and your post was a reminder that in ALL we do we should look to HIM. In all our ways, acknowledge him and he will direct our paths...Proverbs 3:6.

Michelle- This One's for the Girls said...

I just love you, Katherine. I needed that same exhortation today, myself. Thanks.

Wendy said...

Thanks for a great post. I love that you said it is His story and not yours.