Thursday, August 31, 2006

Who hijacked my Sabbath?

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you should know to expect a follow-up after any post I throw out there that paints my life in any form approaching perfection.

Remember“the rest of the story” for this post, and this one, or this one here?

Well, with regard to yesterday’s post, what I posted is pretty much how I “do” my week. With one notable exception:

Sunday as a “day of rest.”

We are simply not there yet.

But I put it on my plan, because having a day of rest is my heartfelt goal. A day where we can take naps, hang out, play games, go to the park.

Do nothing.

But do it together.

Fact is, weekends are busy around here. There’s all that cleaning and yardwork. We have some kids in sports on Saturdays, there’s church on Sundays. There is that after-church brunch. There are youth meetings. More often than not, there are “emergency” laundry loads, runs to buy supplies for school projects, and cleaning that didn’t get done on Saturday.

And - what I didn’t put on my weekly planner - there’s grocery shopping.

As you well know, shopping is just not my thing. And shopping with kids is even more not my thing. I got to the point when I had three preschoolers that I really dreaded going ANYWHERE with them all. My husband Dennis understood this about me, and since he liked to eat occasionally, rather than nag me about why we were always having to eat the bread heels for lunch again, he offered to do the shopping for me.

That was almost nine years ago.

Now, Dennis is a great shopper. He can thump a watermelon with the best of them. He can comparison shop, stick to a list, and even improvise when we’ve forgotten to write something down. He faces his duty like a commando commissioned into a battle zone.

But he works long hours, and evenings are often taken up with sports or youth activities. So are Saturdays.

So grocery shopping often ends up being a Sunday afternoon affair.

Not that Dennis has complained. He actually takes a certain relish in being the hunter-gatherer of the family’s victuals. He would keep doing it forever because he knows just how much this act of service means to me.

But in an effort to create some sense of Sabbath - a day free of “work” (and to give my kids two extra hours with their dad), I am trying, albeit feebly, to take this job back from him. My little ones are not that little anymore, so I don’t have to worry about having to pack bottles and a diaper bag (now it’s only having to see if we can run like lightning to the potty from the dairy section of Super Walmart!).

I’ve done it the past two weeks.

I’m admittedly not very efficient. When I have kids with me at a store, I tend to focus on pure survival, even if that means a couple of open boxes of Goldfish to help me them make it through.

But I try to think positive thoughts: I’m pushing 70 pounds of kids plus 150 pounds of groceries for over an hour. Which, of course, helps me feel better because I'm multitasking. At least while I’m getting food, I’m getting a workout!

And hopefully, getting a Sabbath, too.


Beck said...

I'm trying to make the Sabbath seperate from the rest of the week, too. It's tricky!

Millie said...

Good for you. The store thing gets especially tricky, but it can be done! :)

Wendy said...

We try to rest on Sundays too, but resting with three little ones is often difficult. :)

I do my grocery shopping on Saturdays with no kids and it is so much easier that way.

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

A day set apart to reflect on the Lord is a beautiful thing, Katherine. God bless you for your efforts.
Ann V. @ HolyExperience

Lana said...

I'm with you on the goldfish, and the Sabbath. We keep ours seperate from the rest of the week and besides worship it just plain rejuvinates us for the week to come. Good Luck!

TheNormalMiddle said...

Oh Katherine, I could relate to this post.

In our tight budget I have to be careful at the grocery store and it is SO much easier to do without kids.

But, I noticed when my hubby would get home in the afternoons I'd passs him at the door, throw a toddler or baby in his arms and say BYE! I was off to run errands peacefully alone. Sounds great? Nah, he and I felt like ships passing in the night.

So I end up draggin them with me now.....

I've tried to have a more restful sabbath too, but I end up stressing over lunch, dinner, getting to evening bible study on time, getting hubby's laundry done for the next week, etc!

Emily said...

I'll be praying for your Sabbath, Katherine!

PS, I pretty much think you are amazing, and I love reading your blog!! Your kids are super lucky!

Emily :-)

Jen said...

Workout indeed....and whatever works for you has to be what goes....I applaud you.

Susanne said...

Oh, I'm so with you on wanting a "Sabbath". So hard in this society. And I never could do the grocery shopping with kids thing. To stressful! And being on a budget I had to concentrate! And the one or two times hubby went for me, I'd get the 10 lb. block of cheese, 5 lb. bag of peanuts, quadruple pack of crackers, etc., etc. but other stuff would be missing because well the budget was done! LOL! So needless, to say I did the shopping! Hey, I wonder if he did that on purpose now that I think of it!

Rachel said...

I love reading your blog. I totally understand your sturggles with shopping. After the last time I took my two boys (3 & 1) at the same time I promised I'd never do it again. Check out the Family Research Council about WalMart.

Laura said...

Good luck with that Katherine. I just dragged three kids to Walmart and I'm still in shock that all three made it out....uggg. I say prayer is definitely in order :) Laura

annie said...

Good luck, Katherine! I know it's been tough at times for me to keep the Sabbath holy and a day of rest, but the blessings have definitely poured in as we've struggled.

Heather said...

We have otten to the point that we choose a Sabbath rest each week, though usually not on Sunday, only because Sunday is too busy. My husband usually takes his Saturday (the one day I work) and I usually join our pastor in taking Sabbath on Monday. What both my husband and I have learned is that if we don't take a day to rest from all our work, He will give us one--usually through sickness which forces us to do no work all day.