Monday, September 04, 2006

Togetherness = Love (revisited)

I'm joining in (late, as usual) with BooMama's Labor Day Love Link Extravaganza. It's for those of us who are trying to enjoy the weekend with our families and might not have time to post, but still want to enjoy some good reads.

You can just link to a post you think best represents your writing. I've enjoyed going through the links (there are over 150!), reading some new blogs, and being blown away by some archived beauties from some of my blogging buds.

Since I'm fairly new to this, I don't have a real deep treasure trove of posts. There might be some with more profound thoughts. But this one is still one of my favorite memories of my crazy family's life.

Togetherness. We get plenty of it. We spent the entire weekend together as a family, enjoying the holiday. Last night we ate Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream while we watched the final installment of this sweet series. It was late. I was ready to go to bed. The little one had fallen asleep and I was ready to do the same.

I came, innocently, to my bedroom. My OWN bedroom.

Instead of finding my husband quietly brushing his teeth while the other children were doing the same in their bathroom, I came upon what appeared to be a party. One kid on the bed playing the guitar. Loudly. Another jumping off the bed onto a pile of pillows. Another sitting on my vanity stool, looking in the mirror and asking me, “Can you cut my bangs now?” while her cohort said, “I think they need to be a little shorter.”

I stumbled toward the bathroom in search of my toothbrush. The children followed me. Our house was built in 1973, so let’s just say our master bathroom leaves a lot to be desired in the space department (I guess the Brady Bunch was a skinny lot).

Nevertheless, there we all were, my husband, four kids (I did make the guitar stay on the bed) and I, all gathered along two sinks while myriad conversations reverberated against the (small) expanse of mirror and tile:

“Which side do you think I should I part my bangs on?”
“Can I use your face wash?”
“Watch me while I jump, Mom!”
“Have you seen the vanilla mint toothpaste?”
“When do you think we can go coyote hunting?”

Our house may be old, but it does have three (count ‘em: three) bathrooms. Then why, you ask, is everyone in MY bathroom? At last count, there were at least ten toothbrushes in the painted clay Mother’s Day pot that is home to anything long and skinny found in that end of the house (Every now and then I just stick the whole lot in the dishwasher because I have no idea whose is whose, or who has “accidentally” used mine).

Why don’t they just brush their teeth in their own bathroom?

We have five bedrooms. But before I could even spit, sleeping bags had been laid out for a few of the kids to “bunk it” on the floor of MY bedroom. Brushing teeth together is one thing…

Now we’re having a sleepover?

What is the deal? It’s not like we hadn’t seen enough of each other this weekend. I guess nobody wanted the fun to end.

Togetherness must really equal love.

Or craziness.

Or both.


Beck said...

Ha! I totally know what you're talking about - I cannot understand how, after a whole weekend together, my kids just can't bear sleeping in their own beds. But aw, they're sweet.

Anonymous said...

That is really cute! I laughed when I read what you wrote about the toothbrushes. We have two kids and the two of us and we all use each others. It has become custom to just grab one and brush! Thank God for dishwashers. When someone is sick though, I quarentine their brush and watch em like a hawk! My family also likes to be together. We travel in a pack wherever we go. If I am going to do laundry, the kids are trapsing down the stairs to be with me and if Daddy is home, he is not far behind to make sure they don't get in my way. The other day I was cleaning out our hall closet, so I was sitting on the floor inside it, going through junk. My daughter crawled over me and onto the shoe cubby, my son came and just kind of hung on my back kissing my head and my husband came and sat outside the door so we could talk about the plans for the day. We stayed there for like a half hour! Too funny!
Thanks for your post on my blog about my night last night. I am heading to bed soon. :)

Heather said...

Too funny! we have those types of days too, though it usually during my attempt at a Sunday afternoon nap. :)

Susanne said...

This is the stuff memories are made of for the kids! What a great mom you are to let it happen!

PastormacsAnn said...

I love this post! You are just too funny! I can totally relate, as I often find that my bedroom ( which is really not very big ) is the most comfortable hang-out spot.

"Why don’t they just brush their teeth in their own bathroom?" - Yes and yes and YES!

Thanks for reposting this one. I loved it the first time I read it and this time too.

Mishel said...

Oh wow! What a great post...too funny! I was envious when I read you had Blue Bell ice cream. We live in CA, so we only get to eat it when we visit my mom in AL. It's always a highlight of our trip. :)