Friday, October 13, 2006

Why I am not in charge of the DFW Blogger Get Together - And a meme

Okay, I am finally getting around to the meme that Gina at Portrait of a Writer tagged me with almost two weeks ago.

It is generally known in the blog world that I am notoriously bad at doing memes. If you've tagged me and I haven't done yours, it is NOTHING PERSONAL! I just get behind, and well, you know how it goes!

But I decided if I were going to do one, it would be Gina's.

Why, you ask?

Well, a few weeks back, Gina emailed me and told me she was going to be in Dallas for a conference, only 20 minutes from my house! I was so excited for my very first IRL blogger meeting (no matter that it was going to be at McDonald's, with a few preschoolers along for the ride). I got up from the computer immediately and put it down on my calendar.

The day arrived. I picked up the phone and called Gina's cell phone to ask if we were still on for tonight?

"Oh," she says. "I just got home! The conference was LAST WEEK!"

So that is why I am not in charge of the DFW Bloggers Get-Together (Lauren is, and she makes sure she gets important details, like DATES).

Even with my steel-trap mind for remembering things like Guitar at 4:30, Volleyball at 5:30 and Softball at 5:45, those organized people could see that scary OVERLOAD look in my eyes, even over wireless internet (and to think I once cared for the critically ill on artificial life support. Sheesh!).

But yes, I DO have the date right on that, the weekend of October 27th. Be there or be square!


So here's to my friend Gina - who makes it look easy homeschooling four kids and writing novels - for graciously laughing with me at the incredible faux pas that was our would-be first meeting! Next time I'll get it right!

It's the four-word meme - I get to define these any way I want (I love the game Balderdash).

Silt: The foamy ring left around the bathroom drain after a two-year-old has brushed her teeth.

Schwa: To exercise by holding the nose and blowing, for clearing the ear passages.

Digraph: That deer-in-the-headlights look your 11-year-old gives you when you introduce plotting negative numbers on a graph.

Calendula: It's a dance you do when you look at your calendar and realize you have a free afternoon! The Calendula Dance - haven't done that one in a while!

and one for good luck...

Innocuous: That feeling you've been bitten in the you-know-what when you realize you've really missed an important date!

Okay - I'll tag some of my new blogging friends with these tongue-twisters:

  • Curratow
  • Irrugate
  • Scarpetti
  • Desman

Lisa at Our Shoe
Jammy at Jenn's Nook
because they each have six kids that can help them out with this one.

and Elise at Joy in the Morning
because if she can think of titling a post "I just want to poop in peace" (even if she opted not to), she's my kind of gal.

And of course, anyone else that wants to play (just email me and I'll link you)!

You guys create your own list of four crazy words and then tag someone who might like to "think outside the dictionary!"


Susanne said...

LOL! Am I ever glad Carol tagged me and not you woman! And I thought her words were hard! :v)

It's a good thing you phoned her cell to see if you were still on else you would have been sitting at MacDonald's stewing thinking you had been stood up!

Gina Conroy said...

Uh, I juat tagged you again! Sorry, you don't have to do this one (forgot I already tagged you) but you might want to go and check it out anyway! It really was a worth while meme even though it took me weeks to finish!

And you're forgiven, friend. Now that I have your number next time I'm in town I'll give you a call!

Gina Conroy said...

Oh and LOL! On the Calendula one!

Gwen Sirmans (Ivey's Mom) said...

Good Ones! I have been checking your tags for there definitions.

Gwen Sirmans (Ivey's Mom) said...

oops their.

Anonymous said...

Okay. The deed is done. Quiver with fear.