Friday, October 06, 2006

Why I keep a short to-do list

I only have one thing on my to-do list today: Finish laundry.

Yes, it is Friday, but somehow (even with my incredible laundry method) the week has gotten by me and the mountain still towers over me, unconquered.

Wait a minute - I’ve been working on it all week! How can I not be done?

Sort, sort, sort.

The usual thoughts go through my head:
  • How can we possibly have this much dirty laundry?
  • Do we really go through this many towels in one week?
  • I know she didn’t wear this; why is it in the hamper?
  • Ugh! I’ll never get that stain out now!
  • I wish people would just STOP wearing so many clothes!

First load in. Check dryer. Sigh. Full of wrinkled colors from yesterday. Fluff cycle.

Breakfast for big kids. I hear the dryer chime. No time for that now.

Little kids up. Sit on bathroom floor several minutes while little one goes potty. Cheer wildly. Do the potty dance. Shower with praise. Remain patient during Dum-Dum selection.

Fluff cycle again.

Clean kitchen. Take trash out. Get little ones started on jobs. Detangle hair. Wrestle small arm into Snow White costume.

Start to unload dryer.

Mediate fight. Rescue dog from game of dress-up. Help five-year-old with computer game. Wrestle small arm into Cinderella costume.

Back to dryer. Where was I?

I hear crying. No blood yet. Keep working.

Uh-oh. There’s blood. Get bandaid, drink and sit with little one. Distract with game.

Phone call from my sister. Commiserate for a few minutes while sweeping kitchen floor. Who’s been eating crackers again?

Snack time for little ones. Cut two exactly-even pieces of banana bread. Orange juice spill.

Clean that up. Remind me to mop later.

Another potty party.

Check dryer.

Where was I? I really should fluff again, but I’m putting those shirts on hangers anyway. The wrinkles will hang out, won’t they?

Done with Load One. I think.

Now I remember why I keep a short to-do list.

Isn't it about time for lunch?


ChewyChanga said...

I'm having the same problem and I only have one kid! (Though I do have a hubby who likes to sneak things in the hamper that have only been worn an hour or so). But hey, it's my favorite chore. Ok, call me crazy.

I love your blog! Thanks for writing!


Beck said...

Ah, laundry. I actually don't mind laundry - the soaps! the dryer sheets! folding! - but I'm still shocked at the sheer amount of filthy fabric that five people can make. Do we change our outfits nine times a day? Apparently.

Jenn @ Knee-Deep in Munchkin Land said...

*Sigh* A woman's work is never done!! Oddly enough, laundry is one of the few "household" duties that I actually like. Weird, huh?!

Gina Conroy said...

Sounds like how I do laundry!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Well, I only have 2 kids (although one of them has been doing a whole bunch of spitting up lately), and the laundry is often overwhelming. I don't have a problem getting it clean - it's that folding and putting away thing that always gets me. Downy Wrinkle Releaser has rescued me from a multitude of wrinkles.

Disney for Boys said...

This sounds just like my laundry regiment :-) I dont think I have had a load come out that was not terribly wrinkled in years! LOL

Susanne said...

When you break it down like that I'm surprised you even remember laundry. And fluff, is that what that cycle is for. You mean I've been spritzing and hanging my wrinkled ones and I could've just turned to fluff?

Andrea said...

As Elisabeth Elliott says (and I say to myself frequently during the day, "Do the next thing!"

I understand completely!

Lisa said...

Hey, that sounds just like every morning in my house....blood and everything, AND the never ending laundry.
I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Mom to 6

Rachel said...

Lol...I'm sure every mom can commiserate with this at least once in their life. A breath of fresh air to know that we aren't the only one.

Joyfulness said...

Hilarious... sounds so much like normal days around here! I did check out your laundry methods and since I'm sitting here among pile of some folded, some wrinkled, some whatever, laundry, I think I could use some help and I love your ideas! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The putting away putting away putting OUR problem. Our couch just has luandry all over it. My mom came by the other day and said....didnt you just have laundry on this couch????/ I said yes..this is a different load....she laughs and says...what color is the couch again????/