Thursday, November 16, 2006

Can you see the smile on my face?

My kids are on the mend and my house is clean. What more could a girl want?

What, the laundry done, you say? That would be too much to ask.

This time of year - besides the fact that there are two major holidays and that three of my children have December birthdays - is always a bit crazy around here.

But there's something else. I blame it on where we live: Texas does not have seasons; only weather.

Yes, it's supposed to be fall. But what does that mean?

Last week we had a day with a high of 85. Right now the wind chill is 29. The Thanksgiving Day forecast is 70.

All this means is that every article of clothing owned by any member of the family is now fair game. The "Out of Season" baskets are empty. Snow jackets are hanging next to hoodies, which are next to long sleeved shirts, which are next to tank tops. Hiking boots are out, but so are flip-flops. And heaven forbid we should pack up the shorts!

Somehow most of this ends up in the laundry.

Not counting my preschoolers' penchant for changing clothes fifty times a day, on a good week, I can count on:
  • 49 pairs of socks (if they could only come out in pairs!)
  • 49 shirts
  • 49 pairs of under clothing (up from 42; this is the only downside of potty training!)
  • Just about that many pairs of pants, shorts and skirts
  • Multiple sets of uniforms, practice jerseys, and workout clothes
  • We won't even go into towels, sheets, pajamas, and let's not forget dress-up clothes!
So assuming everyone is wearing layers - spilling on, sweating on, and otherwise making unwearable again as they peel each one off - I'd double at least the shirts, and add in a few extra loads to account for changing into cooler (or warmer, who can tell?) clothes in the afternoon.

Yep, I'd hazard a guess that we're at peak laundry capacity. Major overload.

But I don't care. I'll face my challenge almost gladly, because my house is clean (see that smile across cyberspace?).

Did I mention I really -- and I mean REALLY -- love my husband?


Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful! Enjoy this time when everything is so together! It is chilly here,too.

Susanne said...

Blogger wouldn't let me comment yesterday! :v(

But I wanted to ask can your hubby maybe have a chat with my hubby on the benefits of funding an adventure in housecleaning?

That is one mountain of laundry!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like our laundry too...what is it with preschoolers and changing clothes?? :)

Kristina at Learn2Luv2Run said...

same for oklahoma. the weather is just the same. hot then cold then hot again...

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! I live in Florida and have the same situation with the clothes. And, I also have a 5 year old and a two year old that enjoy changing clothes as often as possible each day. I am so thankful for a working washer and dryer -- and a patient husband! :-)

Rachel said...

Wow, it's almost as much as laundry as I think we do here. Only I don't do it all. The BIG girls (19 & 21) do their own. I should have Nathan read about having your house cleaned. :)

Anonymous said...

I can hear your joy and feel your happiness across cyber-space. I'm so thrilled for you...

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish you could take some pictures of your clean house and post them so that we could all live vicariously through you!

Today I'm tackling my laundry pile (there are five kids in this home too) and so this post was a delight for me to read. I sympathize!


Anonymous said...

My kids still are hoping for some of those warm days. They were born in California, and haven't fully grasped that once it starts getting cold it stays that way for awhile.
And laundry.....well I can only say I completly understand.

The worse is when you are empting one of your children's hampers from their room and you find a neatly folded shirt. It came out of the drawer, onto the floor, and jumped into the hamper. I have concluded they must think I won't notice.

Gwen Sirmans (Ivey's Mom) said...

Maybe you forgot to mention the load of towels that seem to pile themselves in front of my washer. I can't seem to get the rest of my tiny crew to understand that a different towel is not necessary for each limb of their tiny little bodies.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for the chilly days when we can get them-even if it means a super windy day before hand. Before I moved to TX, someone told me that here Fall is a verb, not a season and I totally agree with that. I'm right there with you on not putting much of the summer stuff away even though it's mid November!

Diane Viere said...

You know what? Somehow, even all that laundry seems have a CLEAN house!!!!

Can feel the enthusiasm all the way through cyberspace to Minnesota....where we would do most anything for another 70 degree day!

Thanks for the smiles....and for getting me thinking....maybe it's time to re-up on that cleaning service!


Faith said...

Ahhh, a clean house that you didn't have to clean... that is so sahwweeeeet!

Anonymous said...

I'm not normally an envious person!

Andrea said...


This is a crazy season for us too. It starts in September. One BD in Sept, 2 in Oct, anniversary in Nov, Thanksgiving, another BD, then Christmas.

Enjoy your thanksgiving. sounds like it's going to be LOUD, CRAZY....and it's your family. *smile*