Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nine Weird Things

Susanne tagged me for the Nine Weird Things Meme. I guess since she didn't get to come to the DFW Bloggers Get-Together, she thought she'd punish me help me out of my "what should I blog about" stupor by giving me a good mind-bender.

At first I thought, How can I ever come up with nine things? But when I got to listing them, rattling them off faster than lightning, I thought, How do I stop at only nine?

So I'll just limit this one to the Nine Weird Things in the Food Category.

I owe my food idiosyncrasies to my health-food eating mother, who packed us four-pound whole-wheat bread sandwiches for lunch back when white bread was the symbol of American advancement in the world. We ate fast so no one would know that we were forced to eat homemade bread, while secretly drooling over our schoolmates' Twinkies and Ho-Ho's. I despised the stigma then, but I'm quite sure it will add at least 20 years to my life, so I've forgiven my mother for putting me through such a painful childhood. And sometimes I even try to cook like her!

Really, I'm not that picky. I like to think I can eat anything (my grandparents went through the Depression, and I hate to waste food!). But if I do the fixing, this is what I do:

1. When I eat hot cereal (Oatmeal is my favorite, followed by MaltOMeal. Cream of Wheat is way down there below cardboard), I do not mix in my brown sugar. It goes nicely on the top and I scrape a little off with each bite. Also when I'm eating hot cereal, I do not mix in the milk. It goes in a little moat around the bowl. Cereal stays hot, milk stays cool, sugar isn't mixed in, and we're all happy.

2. I have been off Nutrasweet, Splenda, etc. for over a year. I can taste it in anything.

3. I like my sweet sweet and my sour sour. What is up with putting pineapple on ham? Or a peanut butter milkshake?

4. I love chocolate, and I love fruit, but I don't like fruit covered with chocolate, like chocolate covered cherries or those awful orange-goo filled chocolates in the Whitman's sampler. Exception: if the fruit is fresh, like fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate. Mmmm.

5. I can't stand marshmallows on top of sweet potatoes. I think I gagged on these as a child and have never recovered from the mental anguish. But I do make the most awesome recipe called Sweet Potato Pecan Crunch Casserole, which is my trademark Thanksgiving dish.

6. I have been known to have a Wendy's Frosty for lunch. Period. It's in the dairy group, right?

7. I will not eat eggs unless the yolk is well cooked. Unless of course they're hidden deep inside chocolate chip or other luscious cookie dough. I'm sure the sugar kills the salmonella, or at least I'll die with a smile on my face.

8. I really am not fond of flavored "anything." Flavored coffee, tea, creamers, etc. Give me plain coffee, black or other natural tea. Cream is great in both, and a must in coffee. Sugar or honey only in tea, and then only occasionally. The powder stuff is probably made in a nuclear weapons factory. I do keep some in my home to serve to you if you think it tastes good, but I'm ready with my fire extinguisher in case you explode.

9. Onions. I love them cooked in things, but raw...well, that CRUNCH. Ew. If I make, say, potato salad, I either grate them so fine you can't see them, or I saute them. Or I leave them SO BIG one can easily identify them and pick them out.

So is it any wonder old people get so persnickety? I'm looking at this list and thinking my grandchildren will probably say, "Note to self: don't spend lifetime perfecting food weirdnesses, like Grandma did." Either that, or they'll say, "Sheesh, Grandma lived to be 102. What did she eat?"

Okay, so who wants to play? You don't have to do food - that just came in a flash of inspiration. Let's hear your Nine Weird Things:


Or feel free to play along and I'll link you here!


Tammy said...

Hey! Susanne tagged me along with you, so I had just posted my weird things a few minutes ago, when I saw you had tried to tag me, too! ;)
I appreciated the extra "tag" though! :D

And look at you with all your "food wierdness" ! My weirdness was all across the board!

Susanne said...

I am with you totally on #1 so that is not weird. It's tasteful!

LOL to #9  so agree. Hate the stuff. If I'm gonna have sweet, make it once in awhile but make it real, please!

Now me thinks I might tag you again for something out of the food category. Whatcha think? :v)
Just 'cause you did so good here the others would be a hoot!

Stephanie said...

I accept your tag!! :) And double eeeww to chocolate covered oranges, I'm right there with you. :)

Rachel said...

That's hilarious! And a side note about non-dairy creamer packets...when I worked at Medieval Times in Dallas we used it in the show because its...FLAMABLE!!! Seriously don't eat it. :D

Beck said...

Hee. All food! I'm so with you on non-flavoured teas and coffees - that stuff is VILE. And marshmallows on sweet potatoes - equally vile. I'll eat happily at your house any time, particularily on Frosty lunch day.

PastormacsAnn said...

So, have you posted your recipe for Sweet Potato Pecan Crunch Casserole somewhere? If you haven't, please would you? You can't just torture us by throwing out a title like that and not sharing how to make it. ;-)

This is a great list! Frosties for lunch? When do we eat?!

Kristina at Learn2Luv2Run said...

the first one really cracked me up!

Unknown said...

I thought that you were my kind of gal, but I must tell you that peanut butter and ice cream (in a milkshake, or just mixed right in) is one of the most delicious things ever.

Now, you might be able to redeem yourself if you admit that Wendy's hot french fries go really well with the Frosty.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just wrote and posted mine! Go check it out!
This was a fun one!

I laughed out loud when I read what you wrote about that powdered coffee creamer being made in a nuclear plant! Hilarious!

Rebecca said...

I agree on the Sweet and Sour thing. I don't agree with mixing sweet and savoury AT ALL. Yeuch.