Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy (?) One Week Anniversary

I'm celebrating one week off coffee. I guess. Headaches are better, and I'm finding solace in decaf tea, but I do SO love the aroma of coffee in the morning. I wonder if I'll ever get over that part of nearly a lifetime of addiction appreciation (I come from a long line of Norwegian coffee lovers).

Actually, coffee-free-ness is not the only thing I'm celebrating. My doctor, God bless him, does not believe in small challenges, so I thought I'd show the list he gave me. After ten days I'm supposed to call him and tell him if my tummy feels better (so far so good).

(Yes, it's on the back of an envelope). I've been off nutrasweet (and basically all sodas) for over a year, so that was no biggie.

But by "no caffeine" he also meant no decaf coffee and...no chocolate. Go ahead, ask me if I'm just dyin' here (I did cheat at my son's birthday party and I had some cake...).

So now, just when I think I'm getting over the coffee, I'm REALLY struggling on the chocolate. I find myself reading the Hershey Cookbook. I keep eyeing a bag of chocolate chips in the pantry - they are calling....calling...calling to me!

Can I make it three more days? And, worse, if my tummy really IS better, does this mean I'll never eat chocolate again?

I feel a moment of mourning coming on here. You can wail for me if you feel so inclined. I'm going to check on my black wardrobe.


Susanne said...

Life with no chocolate or coffee?!!! Say it isn't so!!

Have you ever tried tea with chicory. It might satisfy the coffee aroma and taste cravings. I think you can even just buy chicory to make like coffee if I'm not mistaken!

Barbie @ Mamaology said...

Oh I could handle everything on that list, but NO Chocolate. No I couldn't handle that. I hope you don't have to!

Anonymous said...

I just could not do it without coffee. No soda - no problem. No chocolate - no problem...No coffee - BIG problem!

Laura said...

Oh my word....I go away for a week and I come back and find my friend needs to be off chocolate??? What is this world coming to...that is just wrong! But I do have to say that I am oh so glad that someone else hears the voices too....I knew I couldn't be the only one!!


Anonymous said...

I knew it!
Chocolate CAN talk!
Rats. Now I can't say the voice of God is urging me to eat that divine gift. (God made cacao beans, therefore he made chocolate.)
I hope, my friend, that you will be allowed to have a ration of chocolate when your confinement is over.

Anonymous said...

I really FEEL for you Katherine! I have ditched the sodas, too, but the coffee is really hard. I guess I am not quite there yet, because here I continue to brew and drink it. UGH..I KNOW it irritates my system though, because when I did a 5 day detox (and cut the caffeine out for it) my symptoms were gone! UGH...but being the fool I am have not quit yet. The chocolate is really killer, and that is just so wrong on so many levels....LOL Especially this time of year. Good for you, though.....get control of your health!


Anonymous said...

Oh my. I was with you up to the no chocolate part. I gave up coffee over a year ago when we were trying to have a baby (of course, I'm back on it now, but at least I know I'm capable of giving it up if I really, really have to). Coffee is one thing, but chocolate is another. I don't know if I could do it...

PastormacsAnn said...

No coffee is no problem for me - I discovered I'm allergic to it. But the rest of the orders? Agony!

I'm wailing with you, sister. (although I will rejoice quietly too if you're feeling better, OK?)

Anonymous said...

Ugh! No chocolate! Shoot me now! Seriously, though, good luck... :)

Anonymous said...

Katherine - I lurk often and just had to comment - I am having problems too and my doc. said no more caffeine - my symptoms are GONE!!! I just went decaf. though -I admire your stamina - no coffee would hurt me - chocolate fine, but coffee - UGH!!! Hang in there - if it helps then it's worth it!!