Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Conversation starters - or enders, as the case may be

I love checking my statcounter. Not so much for the volume of visitors (I prefer the chat-across- the-kitchen-table versus the loudspeaker-across-the-stadium approach to friendship, in both real life and well, whatever this "cyber" life is!). Tea is on...come on over!

My main interests are (1) how you found me ("came from" in StatCounter) and (2) popular pages.

But for pure entertainment value, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading the "Keyword Analysis" - words used on a search engine to turn up something I've included in the humble pages here.

Yesterday's searches were more than amusing.

This one was one I thought sounded nice and spiritual:

"setting my priorities"

How nice that another mom out there is looking for others trying to keep life from dictating their priorities. Feelin' pretty good.

But then there was this one:

"fingernail clippings photos"

Um, did I really talk about that? Uh. Yeah. (Sorry, guys, no photos.)

But here's one that got my attention:

"first date conversation starters for middle schoolers"

There is no question this poor soul landed on my page in total error. I'm quite certain he or she would NOT want to hear my "conversation starters" with a middle school boy who's wanting to take my daughter out:

  1. So, young man, what makes you think you are mature enough to go out on a date with my daughter?
  2. And just how do you plan on providing for her once you are married?
  3. are not planning on getting married?
  4. Then why on earth are you trying to date my daughter?
  5. Because you think she's cute?
  6. How fast can you run, son, because you'd better get a head start before I come after you with my broom!
  7. Oh, so you think you should go home and call back in about ten years?
  8. I thought so. Thanks for stopping by. Um, buh-bye. See you after college!
Never, NEVER underestimate the power of a mom trying to protect her daughter from hormone-laden middle school males.

(My daughter is mortified, but I told her the broom part might be optional.

She's okay with that.)


Code Yellow Mom said...

Ha! You go, mom!!!

I like the things your keyword analysis turns up - indicates a great blog about really good things. I get more hits for a search on "capybara" than anything else. True story. From one little post about taking the boys to the zoo. Ah well. I guess that's why I come to Raising Five for the stuff that doesn't have to do with rodents of unusual size. :)

lrlwreath said...

Ok as a Mother of a middle school BOY, I would be saying "THANK YOU THANK YOU". I keep telling my son, right now (even through high school) is the time to build friendships with your guy friends. Girls are always going to be around. You are to young to be looking at them, to young and broke to be taking them out, and once you begin dating then you will really know what broke means. So enjoy freedom right now, enjoy the few $1 dollar bills you have, and hang with guys right now. Your future wife will wait until you can provide for her.

Granny said...

ALL RIGHT! That's fabulous! Forwarding to my husband, who will probably show up at your doorstep and present you with the Mom's Medal of Honor!!

Laura said...

Too funny Katherine, but oh so true. My daughter is just about 10 and I'm so not looking forward to this whole scene...yikes!

I'm always amused as well by the google searches that brought people to my site. It cracks me up.


Beckyb said...

Ok - now I'll show my ignorance - how do you even know which words people are using to find your blog - that is interesting to me?!!? I first found your blog off of another blog I was reading and I was immediately hooked since I will soon be a mother to 5 too. I've come back almost everyday since - I LOVE your blog - it's encouraging and uplifting AND funny! And yes, as a mom to three boys - you tell 'em!!! Better fear, is my opinion!!

Beckyb said...
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Kim said...

So funny! I always get amazed at what people are searching for when mine comes up!

I love your reaction. I'm with you!


Andrea said...

Yeah!! I LIKE that list!!!!!!!

Qtpies7 said...

Haha!!!!!!! thats great! And completely our philosophy! Our boys HATE it that we won't let them date, and our girls are fine with it. We ask our own boys how they plan to support the girl, and they don't plan to, so why date??? Besides, if they can't remember to do the simple chore that they have to do every single day, how on earth are they mature enough to date????
I like to check my stats, but I have yet to get someone to use a keyword! I can't wait!

Jenn @ Knee-Deep in Munchkin Land said...

Those were great!!

Susanne said...

I'm liking that list!

Beckyb said...

Katherine - can you tell me how you do that search on your blog for what people are using to find your blog?? That is intriguing! Thanks.

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Hi beckyb (and anyone else interested) - I use Statcounter (, but I'm sure there are others. You have to create an account. When it creates the account it generates html code you cut and paste into your template. If you have the new blogger, follow the directions for blogger beta. You add it as a "new element" and just paste the code as an html/javascript text box. If you have the old blogger, just follow the instructions for blogger. If you get stuck, email me and I'll try to walk you through it (raisingfive (at)

Hope this helps. It's fun to see where everyone comes from! Thanks for your sweet words. I've enjoyed getting to know you and your family through your blog, too!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog this week. A good friend of mine told me about your blog. I was going through the homeschool blues and debating public school. Your blog posted on Jan. 17 lifted me up. I was in that middle ground, not feeling as passionate as I wanted to feel about homeschooling. I am now a daily blogger on your site. I truly enjoy your insight and humor.:)Oh, and I have regained the strenght to homeschool. The Lord and good friends who have been supporting me are priceless. God bless!