Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How many ways can you say, “Call me back?”

I am really bad at remembering to check for messages - on my home phone or on my cell phone. My friends know this, so instead of getting their feelings hurt because I don’t call them back, they just keep trying (or better yet – send me an email!). I’m not trying to be rude; they know I just haven’t gotten their message yet.

I am trying to get better, though. The other day I was clearing messages off my cell phone. It had only been a couple of days since I last checked, so I was surprised to hear the recording:

“You have 16 unheard voice messages.”

One was from a friend. I missed her offer to take my daughter home from volleyball. Rats!

The remaining fifteen were from my 5-year-old (shown here doing a more constructive activity).

“Hi Mom, this is ___________. Just call me back. Bye.”

There were a few variations on the theme:

“Hi Mom, this is ______________. Just thinkin’ about you. I love you! Call me back. Bye.”

By the time I got past about message number 10 she was clearly enjoying her clandestine activity (I wonder where she was hiding when she did all this?). She left one message, her voice deep and husky, pretending she was Daddy. Another one she sang, opera style: “Hi Mooooom. This is _____________. How are YOUUUUUU?.” On several of them, she was giggling so hard, I wouldn’t have been able to tell she was saying, “Hi Mom, this is _________. Call me back. Bye.”

Except that she’d already said it before. Fourteen times.

(Never fear, we’ve already had the “Mommy’s phone is not a toy!" and the less-understood, "You'd better be thankful your dad works in the wireless industry!" talks).

I’d be mad, except it was so darn cute.

And she knows how to dial my cell phone number.

What mother of a five-year-old wouldn’t want that?


Anonymous said...

Cute! Once my sister's 7 year old figured out how to dial the cell, she calls the cell with all sorts of I Love You, I Miss You, etc. etc. calls when my sister is out. Except she does not have voice mail, so she is answering the phone constantly.

Anonymous said...

That is so cute - she wasn't being naughty - just loves her mama!!! :) And I have to laugh because all of my friends know they must call me two or three times too!! I just get sidetracked and the phone is not my first priority!

Laura said...

That is hilarious...hard to be mad at that it is so darn cute!

Anonymous said...

How cute! My two year old left an outgoing message on our answering machine (without us knowing it). We had about ten messages saying "I think your daughter has been playin with the answering machine!"

Anonymous said...

check out my sis's similar story about her 6 year old.

it's pretty funny!

Anonymous said...

Madison used to do this all the is cute.

Anonymous said...

Aw! That's too sweet, really! And it's a very good thing that your phonecalls don't cost you lots!

Anonymous said...

That is a stitch!! How hard was it to delete those?!? I'd want to keep 'em recorded somewhere.

voni said...

He He :) That sounds like something my five year old would do:)

Anonymous said...

Too funny!

I'm glad she knows how to use the phone and call your number though.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! In case of emergency, she's set.
She loves you - it's so sweet. "Just thinkin' about you!" Love it.