Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Don't Step on My Toe-sies

Sing it with me, gals, to the tune of "On Top of Old Smokey"
or better yet,
"On Top of Spaghetti."

Don't step on my toe-sies
All wrapped up so straight
The size of two meatballs
From somebody's plate.

They don't fit in my shoe-sies
They don't fit in my socks
They get in the way of
Just trying to walk.

They throb and they quiver
They bring me to my knees
I think they will dismember
If ever I sneeze.

(Sing it louder, now!)

So don't step on my toe-sies
All wrapped up so tight
Or I'm liable to whack you
With all of my might!

You know I'm kidding, but I had you going there, didn't I? Are we having fun yet?


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I'm still feelin your pain...

Momma Roar said...

You're too funny! I hope shoes will fit soon! At lest sore toe-sies don't keep you away from blogging!

Kristina at Learn2Luv2Run said...

that is funny....

Anonymous said...

Oh, you poor baby; You just had better go to bed and have someone - anyone - everyone wait on you. You will need atleast 2 months of pampering; what no one home during the day; you better hire a man servant to be at your beck and call; those toes look like you need some real help! So get a gal in!

Tammy said...

Oh, too funny! I'm just catching up with ya' poor thing!
(And hope your little girl is on the mend!)

Laura said...

You crack me up...that is some talent you have there....that or you just have to much time on your "feet"...hahahaha...get it? Okay I'll leave the funny too you....LOL.


Susanne said...

In pain, incapacitated and still has a sense of humor! Amazing. I think you deserve a new pair of open toed shoes for all of this!