Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Not like I planned, but...

Well, I should know, after 13 years of dealing with kids, that when I set aside a week to "get things done" it never works out quite like I planned.

For example:

1. Kids get sick (say, with croup).
2. Kids become suddenly very needy (say, when they don't take naps/ wake up too early, /won't go to sleep because they are very, VERY excited about swimming lessons).
3. Doctor's appointments take up whole mornings.

It's been a good week anyway. Swimming lessons were too cute for words. The "Pepto Pink" room is still half painted (today is hopefully the day!). We have some clean laundry and some food.

We're good.
The surest way of spoiling a pleasure [is] to start examining your satisfaction."

--C. S. Lewis in Surprised by Joy


Beckyb said...

How true is that?!!??! But hey, sounds like you've made the best of it!!!

Beck said...

I'm glad your week is good anyhow. I think being flexible with one's plans is the secret to happiness! My littlest one isn't napping anymore and she still needs to, which means that our afternoons have been AWFUL!

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

Now maybe you can lay low like you were hoping to yesterday!
Praying for you, friend.
What a delightful family, and delightful days.
Love the phrase "We're good."
All is well.

Jen said...

I was excited to let you know I started a bible study this morning called He speaks to me.....I'm really excited about it...all stay at home moms needing God to speak to her when we forget to ask. I thought of you when I walked into the room this morning..wishing you could join me. Hope your week gets better.

Jenn @ Knee-Deep in Munchkin Land said...

I am SO sorry about the croup; that cannot be any fun. And we seem to be having some attitude problems too. But she's only 2 and about to become a big sister; we're trying to cut her some slack.

Cut yourself some slack too!! =)

Lana said...

I love swimming lessons!!! How fun.
And I love new paint :)

Deidre said...

Sorry you have sick children! Nothing worse, except you being sick when they have energy to run around. Yep, that's worse.

Hope all is well soon!

Deborah said...

I just had to laugh when I read this post. Your week sounds similar to mine. Minus the swimming lessons and minus the pink paint.

I guess our week hasn't gone as planned either.
1. One very sick kid (you guessed it...croup!)
2. Someone is too excited to sleep due to starting kindergarten.
3. Due to cold weather (read: Artic Circle here!) school was cancelled 2 days, and delayed one day.

But today, finally, they (2 of them anyways) got started. And guess what? They loved it! Could a mom ever be happier?

You were right. I cried, but tears of joy and thanks to God!

God bless. Hope all is well w/ you.

Barbie @ Mamaology said...

I love when your real about life with kids:) I don't feel so alone out here.

Andrea said...

Love that quote...
Me too this week.

She-Ra said...

Ah... swimming lessons! I have been avoiding them so far this year. Not sure why. But until the kids start begging my ears off, I'm going to enjoy NOT going to the pool!

Oh and I have sick kids here too. I'm about to pull my hair out!

Kristina at Learn2Luv2Run said...

I just know how you feel, except I only have one and you have 5. My little guy had surgery on Monday and just when I thought it was going to get better he now has a double ear infection on TOP of that!