Monday, March 26, 2007

Picture my Monday

Most Mondays I am this bee, who died a wonderful death, on top of his world, submerged in the fragrance of the very flower that gave him his livelihood.

I'm in WAY over my head.

Other Mondays, I am this leaf, at least a season or two behind schedule, with no reasonable option but to let go.

Big, bad hair is my constant Monday companion.

Times like these call for some comic relief.

Forget the hair and makeup, the smell, or the grip on things, and go for it.

Whew! I feel better now! Now I can face my Monday!

How about you?


Susanne said...

Is that all it takes to make Mondays better? Well I'm on it right now!

Beckyb said...

Yup - you made my Monday better already!! SO glad you shared!!

Beck said...

Poor lucky bee. And it looks like you've really kick-started your Monday.

Jen said...

Lately my Mondays and everyday have been upside down or so busy I cant remember what day it is. I'm slowing down though. Taking my time. Trying not to schedule myself twice for something...and that word no....well, I'm learning to say it again. LOL!

Rachel Anne said...

Great way to start the week! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand. LOL! My Monday was pretty bad. :) Thankfully it's Tuesday now. :0)

Laura said...

Love the picture...thanks for making me laugh, I needed that!!


Laura said...

Laukra? Who the heck is Laukra? Now you see why I needed cheering up...yikes!

L a u r a