Friday, March 16, 2007

A taxing matter

Okay, I'm going to do it.


I've started several times. It's not even that hard, since I've used this program the past two years, and it remembers (and auto-fills!) my personal information, prompts me if I forgot something, and even checks my math.

We almost always get a refund.

So why do I still put off finishing it?


Wendy said...

It's the same here. I can think of a million things I'd rather do...

house full of love said...

It was that way at my home as well. I just sent ours off this week. I believe it just becomes something that we do not want to do even if we know we will be getting a return

LLMajer said...

Wow, sounds like our home today. Jay is sorting through piles receipts as I type!

Beckyb said...

Yes - it's one of THE WORST jobs, totally agree!!! But the refund is always worth it!!

Laura said...

I am the EXACT same way...just something about taxes...boring, boring, boring. Right up there with watching paint dry...yawn. You'd think the money back would be motivation enough...I still have to do mine...maybe tomorrow...maybe not...I'm sure I'll be able to find something to organize instead!


Chrystal said...

Just sent mine off a couple of days ago. I dreaded it. But it was such a relief when I finished. Every year...I go through the cycle...dread, then relief.

One year the US Gov't should give us a year off...just because :)

Julie said...

Hi Katherine,
This is my first time visiting your blog ~ it's very charming and I have enjoyed my visit very much!

That said...don't hate me, but my hubby already did our taxes and we got our refund a few weeks ago.

I'll be back!

Unknown said...

Maybe the same reason I'm putting it off. . . . Just because.

Yikes. I gotta get on it to. Get that cloud out from over my head.