Monday, April 02, 2007

Unmemorable memories

For my birthday this weekend, my husband Dennis took me out on a long, romantic excursion to Fry´s Electronics to pick out my birthday present: a video camera (Romance, to me, is my husband's undivided attention, even if it's under fluorescent lights and in the presence of sales people. So much the better if there are no children around!). This was followed by an equally romantic excursion to Home Depot to dream of a new dishwasher and to buy ant bait. No, that wasn´t my present, but I suppose since Dennis put it in the yard, it counts. A lovely afternoon.

Anyway, we haven't had a functional camcorder for over a year, so I was very excited that its inaugural use would be to record my birthday party. We had a formal (McDonald´s takeout, Grilled Chicken Caesar salad), invitation-only (you had to be immediate family) affair.

All started out well.

I´m hoping the humor will come to me as I watch the recording over again as time passes. Perhaps much time.

Saturday night, however, it was almost as if the kids knew they were being recorded, so they were trying extra hard to be awful. I was seriously wondering what was so great about a birthday party in which:

1. We can´t find matches.
2. When we find some matches, we can´t find the box.
3. There is argument amongst my pyromaniac children as to which surface is best for striking the match. Multiple broken matches and a big mess later, the candles are finally lit.
4. There is argument amongst siblings as to where to sit (stop to deal with discipline issue).
5. There is competition amongst siblings as to the start time, cadence and beginning note of the ¨Happy Birthday¨ song (stop to deal with attitude issue). There are multiple repetitions ¨cha-cha-cha´s¨and ¨and many more on Channel Four´s.¨
6. The phone rings in the middle of my birthday song. There is argument over whether or not to answer the phone because it´s Aunt Rachel. (I´ll call you back today, Rach!). More ¨encouragement¨ on attitudes.
7. Asked if the little one likes the birthday cake, she answers, ¨It´s kinda yucky.¨
8. A very cute card with a funny song is played over and over and over again. And again. Did I say, many, many times?

Yes, it was one of those birthdays I´d rather forget, but now I´m forced to remember it in living color.

(Unless I push DELETE! Hmm. Not a bad idea!)


It all ended well. Dennis took me out again - this time to a very late cup of coffee (hot chocolate for me). Even though it was planned beforehand, I think he knew he had to work extra hard to salvage this one. He rushed me out the door and had me tucked into the car quickly, before the squabbling could start up again. Under the soft lights of the coffee shop, we looked deeply into each other´s eyes for a full hour and said, ¨That was the worst birthday ever. Can you believe it? It was so bad it was almost funny.¨ Almost.

Thankfully, when we got home, everyone was asleep.

Then we got a good laugh - finally!

Yes, it was so bad it WAS funny
(but let´s not do it again next year, okay?)!


Beckyb said...

I LOVE it - glad you can laugh about it - yes, the Home Depot excursion is not very romantic - I agree - we went to Menard's on my birthday!!! Happy Be-lated Birthday!!!

Laura said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you!

Oh that is no poor thing. Sorry it didn't turn out as you'd hoped but luckily your hubby knew enough to take you out at the end. What a guy!!

There's always next year right???


Susanne said...

Oh dear and of course it's all saved for posteritie's sake. Glad your hubby was right on top of it and got ou out the door before you aged 10 years in a day! :v)

Have a happy day today instead, 'k?!

Beck said...

Happy birthday to you! My birthday festivies last year were ALSO marked by a fight over the singing of happy birthday. Ah, motherhood.

Jenn said...

OH my gosh, too hilarious, and you are going to love that recording in time...hehehe

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hope the rest of your year is so much better--just think what you have to look forward to. :) Happy birthday.

Andrea said...

Happy, Happy, Birthday Katherine!!

I am sorry to say that I laughed at your list. I had a similar situation at dinner tonight--so I appreciate your honesty and not hitting delete!!

One day, it will all be in good fun, and you'll all be laughing....

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

It will age like a fine painting, fade with a patina to it... and become grand! ~smile~

Most blessed of Birthdays, Katherine!

All's His grace,

Deidre said...

Happy Birthday, Katherine!

Jenn @ Knee-Deep in Munchkin Land said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I think we've all had birthdays like that... ones we'd rather just forget. =)

By the way, my husband bought me a fishing pole for my birthday once. Hmmmmm....