Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy "Moth"-er's Day

The night before Mothers Day, my husband Dennis (taking advice from his very wise oldest daughter) offered to take me out.

He said, "I could take you out to dinner, but what I'd really like to do is take you out to buy a new outfit for Mothers Day."

This man understands my insane inability to buy things for myself.

It was all arranged. Our oldest would babysit, we'd go get a sandwich somewhere, and then, he'd take me shopping. I was so excited! In all of our years together, it's happened maybe twice. Oh, I've gone shopping by myself plenty, but don't even ask me how many times I've come home empty-handed. Too blah, too expensive, too trendy, too something. What is wrong with me? But shopping with Dennis is great. For one thing, he doesn't look at price tags when he decides whether or not he likes something on me. He is extremely patient, as far as male shoppers go. He makes everything fun. Best of all, he thinks everything looks great on me. (I love living with a shameless flatterer - he gives me that appreciative look, even if the outfit's too blah, too expensive, too trendy or too something!).

Of course, we tried to pack everything in first - time with the kids, housework, yard work...By the time we got ready to go, we were running out of time, scrambling to feed the kids and get out the door.

That's when I opened the napkin drawer.

Four moths flew out.

We knew we had seen more than the usual number of moths in the kitchen last week. As we'd swatted them, we couldn't figure out where they were all coming from. Now we knew.

I took out the drawer, then another drawer. They were everywhere. Now Dennis was in with me, pulling out food, placemats, silverware, and (of course) stacks of recipes I just knew I was going to make some day...

As we worked and I watched the minutes tick away, I realized my Mothers Day gift was not going to be a new outfit. Part of me was bummed. Who knows when an opportunity like this one might ever present itself again? Let's see, if he's taken me out shopping twice in 21 years of marriage, that's once per decade. Not very encouraging. I'll be waiting until the year 2017!

But then it dawned on me that I was receiving a very special gift, anyway. He could have left me on my own to deal with it while he went to work on Monday, but he didn't. He gave me his help. Not just any ordinary help - help from someone who doesn't mind squishing bugs with his bare hands and washing their guts out of my shelves with rolls upon rolls of paper towels. Help with wiping out drawers and mopping the floor. Help keeping my sense of humor when I was so grossed out I just wanted to cry. His company would have been good enough, but his help was even better.

I decided it was worth wearing that same old outfit to church. Who would have thought an evening exterminating vermin could make me realize again why I loved this guy so much that I wanted to be the mother of his children?

He really, and I mean REALLY, loves me. He brought me flowers, a mushy card, and told me I looked great in my same old outfit (complete with appreciative look). All that, and he's not too shabby with a flyswatter on Moth-ers Day.

(Don't worry, I'll still take him up on his offer of a shopping expedition soon!)


kittyhox said...

I love it!

I totally agree. A good husband is the gift that keeps on giving!

Your sounds like a good egg!


Susanne said...

This was incredibly sweet and heartwarming reading this, Katherine.

Mandalyn said...

What a good man!

Doesn't it usually work out that way. You have something nice planned and something gets in the way! You did a good job of looking on the bright side! I hope you get your new outfit soon!

Jen said...

What a wonderful man.....very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's a good husband that you can mop up moth remains with and make a romantic evening of it!

Lauren Penn said...

Aunt Kathy,
Thanks for a great laugh before I'm off to my 4-hour-a-day summer class! That's so cute and funny! Bugkilling is one of men's greatest strengths I think. Right up there with great hugs.

love ya!

Diane @ A Watered Garden said...

I appreciate reading about your change of attitude and looking for the good in the situation instead of brooding. I'm afraid I didn't fare as well this Mother's Day with a change of plans that was trust on me. I've enjoyed reading your blog. Blessings, Diane

Andrea said...

AWww. You are indeed Blessed. :) (though I hate those darned moths!!)