Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The power of Dad

My husband Dennis was on a short business trip last night, so I was stuck honored with night duty with the kids.

After all these years, it never ceases to amaze me how a guy who is only at home four or five waking hours a day can have such a profound impact on a household. I've mentioned before, I am more organized, I am neater, I am more patient, I get the kids to bed on time, and I get much more sleep when he is around. And I actually cook. What is the deal?

ANYWAY, we had less than one hour until American Idol came on (our one evening show), and I had nothing planned for dinner, so I threw everyone into the car for a surprise treat to fast food (hey, we have to have SOME fun while he's gone!). We opted for the establishment with the play place so little people could play while us big people discussed who is going to be the next American Idol (Jordin or Melinda?).

Five minutes into our discussion ("Definitely Jordin!"), the little one comes running out of the play area: "I gotta go potty!"

One look at her and I realized it was too late. She was wet up to her armpits.

In my hurry to get out the door, I had violated The Most Important Law of Doing Anything At All Involving Children: "Everybody Goes Potty First!"


We made a hasty exit. Thankfully there are always extra shoes socks backpacks junk hoodies in the back of the car for the post-strip-down cover-up.

The little one was beside herself that we couldn't stay and play. "But I got my clothes on, Mommy!" No, little one, you can't play without panties. Sorry.

The good news was, we got home and now had enough time to pick up the living room, put away homework, and serve up ice cream - all before A.I.!

I suppose I can't blame it all on Dad being gone, but I still lost my patience a time or two, we still didn't get to bed on time, and I didn't sleep very well.

At least I didn't have to cook.


Susanne said...

Now that's finding the positive! :v)

Giggles to the little one thinking she was dressed enough to play. Boy that potty first rule is key isn't it?

Laura said...

A day off from cooking...woohoo sounds like my kind of I don't watch AI...I know shocking isn't it! Never got into it but Dancing with the Stars is a whole different matter!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

We are knee-deep in the middle of a month of Daddy On The Road. I find I am totally, utterly unable to stay on track when he isn't here! What IS this? Anyway, I bet your kids loved the treat of something new and different, even if there was a hasty exit from the playplace. :)

Sharon said...

Too funny! That sounds so much like our house at night. If daddy doesn't get home at a decent hour from work, everything seems to go off track. :)

Anonymous said...

I am just like this when Dad is gone. It truly is amazing how much of an impact they have even when they are only home for a few hours of the kids' awake time. Our dad was gone, and we were in a restaurant with a play place last night as well, but we didn't have the same ending (my little on is still in diapers). Sounds like you handled it like a pro!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh over the potty thing, as I am in the midst of potty-training my son. He's peed in six different outfits today!

My hubby went out of state to work a couple of years ago for six weeks, and I think I cooked maybe four or five times. :) He's going to be gone for the Army for six weeks this summer, and I have a feeling it will be a similar thing.


Jenn @ Knee-Deep in Munchkin Land said...

I know I always feel more centered and grounded when Jon's around. And despite the fact that I'm with the kids more, there such a sense of order when he's home.

I hope the final two involve Blake. He's my favorite but Jordyn is Jon's.

Beck said...

Daddy HERE is going away in two weeks and I do not know how we'll cope without him!

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

It's amazing what a difference Daddy's presence makes, isn't it?

And yes, even if it makes us late, I try to run all three of them through the potty routine before we leave the house.

Hang in there!