Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Six Flags, for free

So now that the angst about naming my children is over, I am disturbed to realize I have nothing to talk about. And even if I did, I feel strangely awkward calling my children by "not-their-names."

But, just to help me get over my not-their-names phobia, I will talk about our free trip to Six Flags over Texas on Saturday (someone called us the day before and offered us their family's tickets and some extras for friends!). That might give you even more insight into the weird and wonderful (and spontaneous!) dynamics of our family.

(I'll have pictures soon - when I get my waterproof, disposable-camera film developed! Man, am I spoiled by digital!)

Allie (13) took a friend and rode every should-be-outlawed ride that she knows she could never get her mother to go on, including the awful Mr. Freeze (must we go straight up 109.5 feet in the air, and then fall backwards?), Titan (going 85 mph doesn't bother me; it's the that 255 ft. initial climb, one ratchet turn at a time - chk-chk-chk-chk), and Superman (it's the whole falling thing I don't like). Neal (12) and his friend went on the same hair-raising rides, but ended up spending much of their time in the gift shops and riding bumper cars. Libby (9) overcame her fear of roller coasters and rode Runaway Mountain four times. I suppose I'll have to take her on Batman next time. Sheesh, does a mother's work never end (don't ask me why I love this ride)?
Annie (5) and Ruthie (3) are sure to be roller coaster junkies, although their height made them hang out in the miniature version of those rides in Looney Tunes USA most of the time. Annie's classic comment after going on the Crazy Bus (a bus that turns like a Ferris Wheel): "It scared my stomach!" Ruthie's favorite ride: the Miracle Round (merry-go-round).

It rained (read: torrential downpour) on and off during the day, so the crowds were thin. Which made it great for when the sun did come out - the temperatures were only in the 70s (unheard of for Texas in June!), and the lines were short.

Dennis & I traded off between the groups of kids. This is the first year we've gone to an amusement park with (a) no one in diapers and (b) two kids old enough to go on their own (in pairs, with cell phones). I must say, it was quite wonderful.

What an unexpected, fun time for our family!

And whew! I got everyone's "names" right!


Melissa said...

I'm a roller coaster junkie myself. Sounds like you had a great time.

Good luck remembering everyone's "names"!

Jenn @ Knee-Deep in Munchkin Land said...

Oh, how fun! Jon and I are looking forward to the days we can venture out of kiddie-land, back into the world of roller coasters and "scaring-stomach" rides!

Thanks for sharing!!

Susanne said...

You did good on the name thing!

I always made hubby go on the rides. I am so not a ride person. I do like the rollercoater but with my neck it's not a great idea to ride it too many times.

Now I love they are old enough to go on the rides on their own. Now me and hubby can sit in the shade and do what we like to do best at amusement parks. Eat!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like such fun - and all for FREE!!! Wow!! We go to Disney World every year and long for the day when we can all enjoy the roller coasters together.
Thanks for sharing & keep your family safe with the "names." I may end up doing the same :)

Beck said...

Rollercoasters TERRIFY me. And happily for me, they also terrify my children! Didn't that work out nicely?

Jeremy@Life of an Ant said...

Fun Fun!! We love to go to Six Flags. My wife loves the Titan, Mr. Freeze, and any other roller coaster she can get on. She begs me every year for a season pass.

Bethany said...

What fun! We once went to Opryland on a rainy day and it was great! There were no lines, it was cooler, and we totally enjoyed it!

I loved your latest post on vacationing. I don't know if I could manage that long trip with babies either. Wow. Thanks for the great advice!