Monday, June 11, 2007

Togetherness = Love

Togetherness. We get plenty of it. We spent the entire weekend together as a family, enjoying the holiday. Last night we ate Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream while we watched the final installment of this sweet series. It was late. I was ready to go to bed. The little one had fallen asleep and I was ready to do the same.

I came, innocently, to my bedroom. My OWN bedroom.

Instead of finding my husband quietly brushing his teeth while the other children were doing the same in their bathroom, I came upon what appeared to be a party. One kid on the bed playing the guitar. Loudly. Another jumping off the bed onto a pile of pillows. Another sitting on my vanity stool, looking in the mirror and asking me, “Can you cut my bangs now?” while her cohort said, “I think they need to be a little shorter.”

I stumbled toward the bathroom in search of my toothbrush. The children followed me. Our house was built in 1973, so let’s just say our master bathroom leaves a lot to be desired in the space department (I guess the Brady Bunch was a skinny lot).

Nevertheless, there we all were, my husband, four kids (I did make the guitar stay on the bed) and I, all gathered along two sinks while myriad conversations reverberated against the (small) expanse of mirror and tile:

“Which side do you think I should I part my bangs on?”
“Can I use your face wash?”
“Watch me while I jump, Mom!”
“Have you seen the vanilla mint toothpaste?”
“When do you think we can go coyote hunting?”

Our house may be old, but it does have three (count ‘em: three) bathrooms. Then why, you ask, is everyone in MY bathroom? At last count, there were at least ten toothbrushes in the painted clay Mother’s Day pot that is home to anything long and skinny found in that end of the house (Every now and then I just stick the whole lot in the dishwasher because I have no idea whose is whose, or who has “accidentally” used mine).

Why don’t they just brush their teeth in their own bathroom?

We have five bedrooms. But before I could even spit, sleeping bags had been laid out for a few of the kids to “bunk it” on the floor of MY bedroom. Brushing teeth together is one thing…

Now we’re having a sleepover?

What is the deal? It’s not like we hadn’t seen enough of each other this weekend. I guess nobody wanted the fun to end.

Togetherness must really equal love.

Or craziness.

Or both.

This post was originally published on May 30, 2006. I'm on a blogging break, remember?
Miss you all!


Melissa said...

Oh my word, was I laughing this post! I'm glad you're recycling while you're out. I do miss you while you're gone!

What is it about the end of the school year that makes the kiddos want to break out the sleeping bags? Mine would rather sleep on the floor in the living room than anywhere else!

Anonymous said...

There may be such a thing as too much love/togetherness! We have just one bathroom in our house, and it is amazing how frequently all six of us are in there at once practicing lots of togetherness and steppingon each other's toes.
Hope you're enjoying your break.

Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

Well, I guess I have this to look forward to, huh?!
Thanks for finding me again, I have thought of you often, especially when I make your no-bake chocolate cookies!!

Beth Wright (P31 OBS Team Member) said...

This post was wonderful. I was laughing as I read it! I only hve two kiddos and get that "oh so togther feeling" sometimes- couldn't imagine it with 5!! Although isn't sweet (at times) to know they love ya and want to be near ya!!!

Carrie said...

I LOVE the graphic at the top of this post!

Deidre said...

I'm so glad you're re-posting!!!

I can relate already to the bathroom/bedroom party. My 2 little ones bring all their toys, blankets and pillows to MY room to play or sleep. I always say that I need to be thankful that they want to spend this much time with me now because there will be a day that they don't. But, from the sound of your home, there is hope that it lasts longer than I thought.

Thanks for posting!

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Sounds wonderful! And just like what happened in our house tonight. My girls know that sometimes Mommy just isn't feeling it, but the rest of the time, I just readjust my expectations and enjoy it.

kittyhox said...

I'm sure it might get tiresome at times, but honestly, that sounds like such fun to me!

I was an only child and I always imagined big families doing things like that.


Hope you're enjoying your break!