Monday, June 25, 2007

We call it the "mini-hemi-mullet"

All Ruthie (3) said was, "Mommy, I'm thorry. I cut my curlth off." She had big tears in her eyes. I hugged her as I looked down and saw this:

She then led me to this:

I was having visions of the masterful job her big sister did when she was four. This was quite a humbling, my-children-would-never-cut-their-hair heart-stopper.

But a closer survey of the damage revealed only this: the mini-hemi-mullet. We'll be wearing lots of headbands and pony tails this summer, I do believe.

Didn't stop her from having fun yesterday, though.

Kids are so resilient, aren't they? I could learn from them.


Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Bless her heart. When we got our girls, my baby had a full-on mullet that took a year to grow out. Lots of ponytails. Her hair was always pulled back.

Anonymous said...

We've been lucky - so far, no one cuts the hair in our family unless it's mommy with the professional hair-cut kit!
(This will probably change as our girls get a little older, but I can be naive for now :)

Christi said...

Oh my! So far we've avoided the self-haircuts. Maybe that's because I have boys?

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Yes, little ones don't worry about what others think. How nice it would be to not have the "approval of man" idol that so often plagues me.


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh my - haven't had that happen yet...probably one day. But yes, they are far less concerned than we are about such things!

Beck said...

The poor little girl looks so sad! My oldest girl did that TWICE - once right before she turned three and then again about 8 months later, once her hair grew back out. We found that a chic little French girl hair cut - shortish bangs and bobbed all the way around - made her feel much better until everything grew back.

Rachel Anne said...

Oh, not the curlth!!

Elle gave herself a nice 'do when she was 3, GT was two when he got ahold of the scissors. I'm glad Ruthie left most of her hair intact!

Laura said...

Oh no! She is still as cute as ever!

Qtpies7 said...

We've had all sorts of hair cuttings in our parenting, but the one that was the most horrifying was our little Hope-Anne who had long golden ringlets down her back at 2yo. We had just come home from church and not even gotten coats off yet when someone came to the door, a teen selling candy for something or other. When we were done we sat down and soon our dd came walking into the living room. I looked at her and screamed. Donnie looked at what I was screaming at and let out a scream (manly, of course). And then I screamed. And he screamed. It was probably quite the comical moment for someone watching it, but we were just horrified!
It was so bad that she had to have a "Dorothy Hamil" cut and her curls never came back. Devon said Hope-Anne asked him to cut her hair. I tell you I just cried and cried. (and we had to get her ears pierced because even in girly clothes people though she was a boy)

kittyhox said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful little curl sitting there! But she is still darling and I'm happy to see her haircut hasn't dampened her spirits!

We're trying to decide if we should take our one year old for his first haircut. He has a bit of a mullet. It's cute when it curls up, but it doesn't always. I want to put it off until he's at least two, but someone called him a "she" last weekend and now my husband is hinting about a haircut!


At least you can save those precious "curlth." So cute!

Sandy said...

I suppose we got off easy... each of the kids at one time or another has taken a large chunk right out of their bangs, but since they all have cowlicks anyway, they weren't too much worse for the wear :-)