Thursday, July 26, 2007

And speaking of unexpected blessings

No, I'm not pregnant. Just thought I'd throw that one in there, in case you were wondering if I had a hidden motive for publishing my last post.

I don't think I've EVER posted twice in one day, so, well, this is it. Unexpected, huh?

I've been thinking about Allie (13), who's on her fifth day away on a mission trip with her youth group in another city. She comes home tomorrow. We've missed her so much (although Neal-12 has taken up her slack in the silly joke department), but we know this kind of thing is good for her, and I'm praying God uses whatever means He can to shake up her world. I'm sure He's using her to shake up someone else's world, probably death by laughter. She's got her dad's gift, what can I say?

Okay, so, while it's understood we DO miss her, I thought I'd mention a few of the unexpected blessings of NOT having an adolescent female at home this week:

* Laundry. Granted, she's supposed to be doing her own laundry this summer, but I felt sorry for her, what with coming home from California on Thursday, and leaving for her trip on Sunday. I decided to help with her laundry JUST THIS ONCE. I dumped it all in the washer thinking it was ALL four of the girls' clothes, BUT NO. Just hers (we are the happy recipients of many "hand-me-downs," thankfully). It was the usual number of shorts, socks and unmentionables for one week, but get this:

Shirts - 19 (I think some of these may have been worn as pajamas, but still!)
Tanks/camis - 8

(It is my personal opinion that the clothing industry has invented the "layered look" in cahoots with the Tide people. Why must we wear two items, when one would do JUST FINE? It's to make laundry a never-finished task)

GRAND TOTAL: 27 shirts

It's been nice not to look at the overflowing basket and wonder how on earth one person can wear that many clothes in one week.

* Hair (specifically, hair extensions). I know I went through this phase (for far longer than I'd like to remember), but it is truly amazing to me how long it can take to "do" hair for an adolescent. We have the usual hair paraphernalia around here, which is always a subject on her chore clip. But Allie (to her credit) saved her own, hard-earned babysitting money and also purchased hair extensions (why anyone would want to wear someone else's hair attached to one's own, I will NEVER understand!). This no doubt doubles the hair-prep time, not to mention hairs (raising the question: "Whose ARE these?") down the drain, on the floor, in the brushes...well, you get the picture.

Going anywhere, but especially to the pool, has been SO easy this week without having to wait for anyone to get "ready."

* Seating. Our kitchen table only has six chairs (we are holding on feebly to the high chair for Ruthie (3), but she'd much rather be part of the group). Everyone got a seat this week. And as for the car, well, any time we have one less person to argue over who gets prime seating, my life is good.

* Camera time. I have a total of maybe 20 "random" pictures of myself from my adolescence (and I walked to school uphill both ways in blizzards, too). Not so with Allie. There are whole folders devoted to her and her friends' insanity with the camera. This week while Allie's been gone, I've uploaded pictures TWICE, and there was not one picture like this one:On the other hand, we haven't had too many silly times, like this one brushing teeth in California. Though it has a way of driving me insane, her love of a laugh can make even the most mundane activity fun.

Can't wait to see you, Allie! Come home soon!

It's unexpectedly quiet around here.


Anonymous said...

You had to walk uphill to school both ways when you were younger? Me too--BUT I was in Upstate NY outside of Buffalo. We would have the lake effect snowstorms from Halloween to Easter. The snow would never go away and on a calm day we only got 3 feet. This was pretty impressive when I was a kid as I was only 3 feet tall and then when I was a teenager I grew to 5'8" but 3' is still a bit much.

Have a great day :)

Andrea said...

Know what you mean, Katherine. Be sure to let us know how her trip was. :)

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

My sister is 29 years old and when we are together as a family, we are STILL having to sit around and wait for her to get "ready."


Susanne said...

The laundry, or less of it, is what I noticed too! There seemed to be so much less of it. My girl's is more her workout stuff though. I think you may be onto something with the layered look and Tide partnership.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Katherine, This was cute. My girls are only 2 and 4...a little insight into my future. Cute!