Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Things only happen when Daddy's not home

This summer I've been a failure at getting the kids to bed on time. Last night was a case in point.

Yesterday Dennis had to leave on a short business trip. Before he left, he poured a bunch of Drano into his bathroom sink. It's been slow draining for months, but now it was completely stopped.

Nothing happened. The Drano-water sat all day long.

Before putting the kids to bed last night, I saw that yellow, foamy, yucky water sitting in the sink. Ugh. But, being the handy girl that I am, I thought I'd help things out - surely there's a toy, a glob of hair - something large - blocking that drain. So I did what all handy girls do - took a wire hanger and jammed it down the drain.

Instant success! The water started going down immediately. But wait! What's that sound?


I looked under the sink. UH-OH. Drano water everywhere!

I had jammed the hanger RIGHT THROUGH the thirty-five-year-old rusty pipe!

I'm yelling at the kids to grab a bucket, rags - anything to stop the spray of Drano water, which was now flowing freely, down out of the cabinet and onto the floor.

Needless to say, at 9:30 p.m., rather than curl up with my devotions in bed, I began to remove every single item from under his sink and wipe the caustic liquid off of it. Another bedtime, FOILED AGAIN!

Ah, but the fun was not over!

One of the now-Drano-laden items hidden in the deep recesses of the cabinet was a box which contained a bunch of old pictures (no telling why it was under the sink).

At this point it was about 10:30 and I was ill from the chlorine smell and just wanting to rinse everything off and get it over with. But the girls were enthralled with the pictures, especially this one: Dennis at age 13.
Ruthie (3) looked at it for a long while and finally blurted out:

"Ith Daddy going to come home wiff that WIG on? I don't like Daddy'th wig!"

Uh, NO. Not to worry, Little One. Daddy wears his wig a bit shorter nowadays....



Lori said...

Oh my goodness that sounds like something I would do. Ok mental note: No hangers down the sink.

I'm sorry. The picture is priceless.

Jenn @ Knee-Deep in Munchkin Land said...

All I could think was "ewwww... gross!" But I guess we do what we gotta do.

Your second youngest looks SO much like her daddy. Wow!

Rachel Anne said...

Lord, have mercy. Is there no rest for the weary?? Wow, does your son ever look like Dennis! Very cute!

Marc and Charity said...

oh no! what a mess!

Denise said...

Hope everything was salvaged!!

Beck said...

I'm laughing so hard about that wig comment. Heh. Kids.
Are your plumbing problems over now?

Mary@notbefore7 said...

That is a great comment from Ruthie! I laughed out loud.

Barbie @ Mamaology said...

Oh My, I would have done the same thing:):)

And I love the picture:)

Deidre said...

Of course that would happen at bed time!! That picture is so funny ... wig?

Susanne said...

Oh dear. Bless you Katherine! I never touch stuff like that because Murphy's law always works on me especially when hubby is not around to bail me out.

Hope you get to bed on time tonight! Which means you better not be reading this when I typed it! :v)

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

I am so glad to know I am not the only one with random things under the bathroom sink!

Things do fall apart when the Daddy is gone. Here's to an earlier bedtime tonight for everyone!

Kate said...

What a funny post! Your blog is great!

LLMajer said...

Wow, what an adventure! Great pic of Dennis, your son looks so much like him!

Anonymous said...

This is just a speed bump :)

Sandi said...

Love the wig comment!

Deborah said...

As I was reading your blog tonight, I had to stop and go back and read it to my husband (a plumber). Before I even finished reading the story, he predicted correctly that you would break the pipe under the sink. We had a good laugh, but just to let you know, my husband is looking to hire someone.....! It sounds like you have real potential!

And about that picture. We were just looking at hubby's yearbook pictures from 20 years ago. There was much more on his "wig" back then, too! What a hoot! Thanks for a good laugh!

Lily said...

Oh, her little comment (complete with such great mimicry of her pronunciation) made me laugh out loud!

Sorry about the pipe, though. Hope you didn't lose any pictures...?

Christi said...

Bless your heart! I flooded my entire bathroom yesterday with bleach water; I'd stopped up the drain on the shower & forgot I left the water running. So I can definitely sympathize!

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

Oh, for heaven's sake, Katherine - you act the same way I do when hubby's gone - going crazy and breaking stuff! ;)
But as always, I'm glad you shared it so we could all laugh together!

(P.S. - I like him better without his *wig*, too!)

Anonymous said...

I always find that when the husband is away I cannot get the kids to bed on time!

I looked at all your vacation photos! How fun!