Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day three

I promise I'm working on some posts that are more thought-provoking than a rambling daily installment of my life, but, well, life has a way of taking over my brain cells sometimes. So here we go again.

This morning Annie (6) completely fell apart before school. And this time Dennis told Libby (9) to please wait outside because her constant T minus 10-9-8, etc. had us all a little stressed. (Yes, we love her and appreciate her keeping us aware of the time, but sheesh, we haven't been late to school. EVER.) Amid the crying (at least Ruthie (3) slept through it this time), Dennis and I had a little discussion behind closed doors, trying to decide if this was truly defiant behavior, or if Annie just needs an extra dose of grace to get used to school. We decided on the latter, which is a bummer, because it seems like we lost some little battles, such as when I brushed her teeth for her because she was paralyzed from crying. But we won the main battle, which was that her crying did not get her out of going to school.

And judging by the chipper way she skipped home from school today, things went quite well once she got there. Sorry, STILL no photos!

The washing machine repairman came this morning, and of course, the machine worked perfectly for him. He's going to fix a valve or something just to make it worth the trip charge (of course he has to order the part and won't be back till Friday, unless the part is delayed, in which case it will be TUESDAY because of the holiday). I hurried and put in a couple of loads before it decides to quit again.

Meanwhile, yesterday, at the first day of volleyball tryouts, Allie (14) tripped and rolled her ankle. She complained about it all evening, but (because I am an old ICU nurse and it was obvious she was breathing and had a heartbeat), I gave her some ice and ibuprofen and ignored it . This morning, however, it was blue and swollen and horrible looking. So (because I am an old ICU nurse and my motto is "Never say ER") I took her to our pediatrician today. Three hours, an x-ray and some crutches later, I dropped her off at school so she could "observe" the tryouts, since she will not be able to participate for the rest of the week. At least nothing is broken, except maybe her dreams of being a starter on the school team.

As I was dropping Allie off, Neal (12) called and asked if six boys could come home with him from school. I am not kidding. I mentally inventoried my remaining nerve supply as well as our Ramen Noodle supply (the cheap staple hunger-buster for ravenous middle school drop-ins) and told him, "How about two." He reluctantly agreed, since I generously offered to drive them the two blocks home in the 95 degree heat. They are upstairs playing Mario Cart, lifting weights and otherwise staying quiet, so I'm good. They'll be down soon for Ramen.

Ruthie was a trooper, walking all over the hospital with us, fueled only by some candy corn and a fruit smoothie from the cafeteria. For all her toddler issues, man, I love that girl.

Ah, here come the boys, and I hear Ramen packages rustling. Must go for now.

Maybe I'll get a chance to think tomorrow.


Marian said...

"I mentally inventoried my remaining nerve supply..." What a wise woman! I get into so much trouble when I try to be and do what I think I should to be super-mom. (The ramen noodle inventory being only just slightly less important and wise.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Katherine! I'm a lurker, but I wanted to come out and say that I'm enjoying this daily review of your life. You give such wise and thought-provoking advice, and it is fun to "see" you just living it out day to day.
I am the oldest of five, so your stories sound oddly familiar. I remember having similar thoughts on what I think you called the "minus one" theory. (For me, it was just enjoying not having one of my brothers making us late - I was the one in the fam who did the 10, 9, 8... countdown!)
Though I currently do not have children yet, I take much of what I read to heart, being that I am a natural perfectionist and think I can do it all. I look forward to having a happy, overflowing home someday like yours and the one I grew up in.
Best wishes,

Rachel Anne said...

What??? I can't believe Allie rolled her ankle! Hope she feels better tomorrow!

We got kinda sick of all the ramen noodles and stopped eating them for awhile. The last package I opened, moths flew out...I guess it was a little old.

Etta said...

Wow. I can't even imagine how much milk you must go through in a week. We go through 4 gallons and I only have 2, and both under the age of 4! I dread the grocery bill when they are teens. Guess I better start stocking the Ramen now!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I love the day to day updates! They have been so fun. It is nice to stand there and relax on your sofa and see everything going on :) Just a "normal" day in the life of mom!

I LOVE Ramen Noodles...gross, I know, but I think I lived on them in college and I still crave them some nights :)

Susanne said...

I really like these peeks into your day! Makes me feel like maybe my family was normal after all.

Sorry about Allie rolling her ankle. She must be so disappointed.

Julie said...

I am so sorry she did not get to try out for Volleyball. I know my kids would not have taken that well. Can she try out another day.

My teenagers had Ramon Noodles today too! Can't beat the price.

Can't wait to see some pictures.

kittyhox said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading about your day.

But in a good way.


Beck said...

Heh, you're so busy. My kids are still lounging around, so school starting next week is going to be a HUGE wake-up call for them - I don't know how they're going to handle it!
I can't believe how hot it is there. I'm bundled up in TWO! sweaters right now. Y'all need to move to my town.

Jen said...

Somehow I dont know how you do it. I know you do. Wow....poor Allie I hate that for her. And Annie...she will snap out of the kindergarten blues eventually. I would be nuts in the morning at your house.

Jenn @ Knee-Deep in Munchkin Land said...

Six boys?! Seriously?! Oh, I am in so much trouble when Hudson gets older. I pray that I will have the flexibility and willingness to open my home that you have when that time comes.

Beth said...

After the ramen comment, I'm CONVINCED you have seen into my pantry! HA! I am not sure how I would have survived the summer with out it. No countdowns here..just a big fat WHINE all afternoon...MMOOOOOMMMMM I'm HHUUUUNNNNNGGRRRRRRYYYYYY...:::sigh::::