Monday, August 27, 2007

First day of school

First day of school here. Things went off without a hitch, which is surprising, considering that my washing machine broke this weekend, and yesterday was Allie's 14th birthday. Saturday she had her first birthday party at an "event" place (only her third birthday party ever to invite friends!) - because, well, she invited six girls and three boys from the youth group. Yes, we are definitely entering a new era around here. It is a great group of kids. Everyone came to our house for a while afterwards, and while we served cokes and ice cream, I had this warm thought, This is exactly what I dreamed it would be like when our kids got to this stage of life. We just had to get past sixth grade (ugh!!), I guess, for me to begin loving tween/teen-hood.

Suffice it to say, in addition to our usual weekend duties, my dear husband Dennis spent most of yesterday afternoon at the laundromat (he offered), and I spent the evening shopping with Allie, who feverishly wanted to spend her birthday money on new clothes for the first day of school (I reluctantly agreed).

Dennis was so proud of himself, he took a picture of his 3 hour labor of laundry love (I was proud of him, too!). I'm wondering why this much laundry takes me three DAYS?And yes, I let him keep the $20 he found in one of the baskets. It's the least I can do, huh?

I would have pictures of the kids this morning, all scrubbed and shiny, but (I am absolutely sickened even as I type this!) I accidentally deleted both those and Allie's birthday pictures. I haven't told her yet, but I'll probably offer her a piece of birthday cake before I reveal the news.

I'll either post the "after" shot - after a day of PE, recess, art, and eating in the cafeteria - or I'll just take pictures again tomorrow. Will we really care in ten years? I don't think so. Not so sure how I'm going to make good on the birthday pictures. Probably can't. Sigh.

So it was Ruthie (3) and me today. To keep from facing a way-too-quiet house, we met a friend, who, like me, has her fourth child in kindergarten this year. We had "breakfast" (I use the term loosely) at McDonalds. By the time we'd gone through the character issues of my five kids and her four, plus discussed how on earth we are going to face this new challenge of four kids in school while maintaining our marriages strong and our schedules sane and our spiritual lives was lunchtime.

Ruthie and I came home, cleaned up the breakfast dishes, had lunch, and sang some High School Musical songs together.

It was still quiet (it will probably hit me just HOW quiet it is tomorrow), but I consoled myself that at least I didn't have to do laundry.

At least not until Wednesday, when the repair people can fix my machine...


I'll probably be a little on the sporadic side blogging this week, until we get into our routine.
Live first, remember?


Sara at Miller Moments: said...

Well, it sounds like you had a great first day! I'm sure Ruthie enjoyed that one-on-one time with her momma, too! I'm anxious to see your First Day of School pics -take 2! And you're totally correct - in 10 years, no one will remember. :) Hope you enjoy the rest of the day as the kids come home full of news of their brand new adventures!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Happy First Day!!! I love, love, love the first day.

Such a bummer about the loss of the birthday pics. :( But how exciting - a co-ed birthday party! Did Dad handle all of that okay?

fAiThFuL cHiCk said...

Reminds me of what happened on our first trip to Disney and Universal Studios this past Christmas. When we got back to the hotel, I docked my camera to charge it and print them out. Something weird happened and it ERASED the entire SIM card! Oh yes - all 150 pictures from the first day were GONE! Needless to say, we went back and recreated as much of them as possible. Maybe you can have your daughter "fake it" for a few shots! (ha ha).

Your blog friends have made the nicest comments on my post from the other day. They are so precious! Now, I've read my fav blogs and I can get back to my work.


Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

I'm still trying to gather my thoughts for a 1st Day of School post. Sounds like yours went smoothly.

Susanne said...

Oh Katherine, my stomach knotted at the picture losses. I'd feel the same. To make up for the birthday one could you maybe get them all together to take a group shot either at home or one them Wallymart specials? Around here there's a special on for %5.98. That way all the kids could get one too?

Wow, hats off to your hubby. You are one blessed lady. I don't think there is any which way I could convince mine of spending 3 hours at a laundomat.

Margo said...

Now THAT'S a lot of laundry!

Keri said...

So sorry about those pictures! I can imagine the feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realized they were gone!

I got chills reading about you and Ruthie alone in the quiet house. My 3-year-old's first day of preschool was last week. My husband was on vacation, so after we dropped her off, we sacrificed our 11-month-old's naptime and ran errands until it was time to pick her up.

But tomorrow, the second day of school, I'll be bringing the baby home to nap in a quiet house. Uh-oh! Tearing up as I type.... :)

Etta said...

Wow. I can't remember the last time my husband did laundry.

Oh, yes I can. 2005, when I worked outside the home and HE was a stay-at-home dad. Funny, though, even then, he didn't do it all. I still ended up doing laundry on weekends. THAT'S why I'm now the SAHM and HE has a job. And that's the way I like it.

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

Love that he helped iwth the laundry and took photos too!

I wish I could have joined the #4 going to school and managing everthing else discussion at McDonalds.

And I agree in 10 years no one will know whether the pictures were taken on the 1st day of school that year or the 3rd.

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

that should have read "with"

Julie said...

Oh no, not the pictures!!!

So sorry about that.

I am down to one home to and it feels very strange and quiet. Not sure how easy it will be to get used to.

Have a great week,

Beck said...

Oops! I don't think you'll even remember that those were retakes in 10 years!
Happy 14th birthday to Allie! She sounds like a wonderful girl.
What a kind husband - and I want to know how my three make as much laundry as your FIVE!

Deidre said...

I'm all for staging the first day pictures. You'll never know the difference later. But, I don't know about re-creating the birthday party. That could be tough. At least the laundry pics are there. That is photo-worthy!!! My washer broke last week and my husband offered to go to the laundry too while I took a nap - I felt guilty for oh ... a few seconds until I drifted off to sleep :)

Roy G. Miller said...

Ha! We know the feeling. LaundryVille is a tough prison to escape, especially with mechanical failure. Our 3 started school as well. Our youngest started kindergarten. He's our fierce, fiery, running, racing, sword-fighting, wrestling and wild man who let us know that kindergarten is kinda have to sit still ...I can relate ... But Mom is FREE of kids for the entire day. Not sure she knows what to do. For now, she's in High Cotton, High Time Celebration Mode. She's looking forward to afternoon naps. Just her and the two dachshunds. Good for her.

Roy G. Miller said...

...Helping with the laundry? What's that?

Beth said...

I love your full life. Thank you for sharing.

BTW-Kudos to Dennis for taking on the laundry. May I just say in all due respect, the only reason he got the entire laundry done in 3 hours is because he had MULTIPLE washing machines and dryers at his disposal in a laundrymat. You, on the other hand, only have one, which is why it takes days to do it!

Happy Wednesday. Hope you have enjoyed our rainy afternoon.

Michele Moore said...

I lost my son's 7th birthday pictures. Put them on the computer for safe keeping, deleted them from the camera, and then the computer crashed. I reformatted without thinking. It was half way through when I remembered.

My mom deleted her pictures of my brothers wedding.

I think those cameras need to ask you if you are sure one more time.

You know they could say something like...

Are you sure you want to delete these VERY important pictures from this event you can NEVER recreate? Seriously? Think about it.