Thursday, August 02, 2007


  1. Music
    1. A repetition of a phrase or verse.
    2. A return to an original theme.
  2. A recurrence or resumption of an action.
Ecclesiastes says there is nothing new under the sun. No, it's all just more of the same.

So is my life, but it's not all meaningless (or "vanity" as the King James calls it). It's just a reprise, a set of recurring themes that repeat themselves at regular intervals.

Here are a few of the reprises going on in my life.

1. The dog.

Original theme date: Two years ago, death scare.

Reprise: As already mentioned, Mom doing doggie physical therapy for a dog who won't let a little osteoarthritis keep him down.

2. The toes.

Original theme date: February 2007, ingrown toenail surgery, with poetic license.

Reprise: Mishap in the kitchen leads to the whole right toenail falling off. Sheesh, just think of the pain I could have saved if I'd just told the doctor to just take off my whole toenail back in February. I'm all about consolidation of resources, or in this cases, recuperation time.

I took a picture of the carefully painted, completely intact, removed toenail, but (yet another reprise in my life) someone has absconded with the camera. What's new?

3. Weddings.

Original theme dates: July 2006 and September 2006, two weddings lead to shopping hysteria and the only time my husband has ever hijacked my blog.

Reprise: I'm much more organized, this time for my nephew's wedding Saturday. Everyone is clothed (love those summer clearance sales, especially for boys growing like weeds), and I, of course will wear my little black dress, again (I am forever indebted to Jen for this tip. Love you!). It works.

As we say here in Texas, if it ain't broke don't fix it. It's a nice way of saying "reprise time."

Just think, I can enjoy my time with my family this weekend. With three days to spare!

So I'll be taking the next few days off to visit with my parents and...wait a minute. I still need to buy a wedding gift. See? I knew there was something I forgot. Rats. There really IS nothing new under the sun.

I DO need a blogging break!


Mary@notbefore7 said...

I loved that post from your hubby! ha ha. It made me laugh. It was a lovely little glimpse into the world of "dad".

Hope you all have fun!

Jenn @ Knee-Deep in Munchkin Land said...

You will be missed! Have a wonderful time!

JMR said...

Hello. Found your site through someone else and thought I would say hi!!! I'm just getting started blogging so I don't have much at my site yet but feel free to stop by and visit!!!

Jen said...

Yes..breaks are good. Right up there with little black dresses we seem to be able to change up for each season. I hope you have a delightful time and enjoy everyone.

Dena said...

I just found your blog and am so enjoying reading through your posts. My kiddos are 6,4, and 15 months, so I can soooo relate to many of your struggles. I just appreciate your honesty. You are really causing me to ask some good questions and THINK, not something that always happens at this stage of life! Thank you and God bless your beautiful family.

Margo said...

Hello Katherine. a blogger friend, Natalie from Holy Chaos, told me about your blog. I'm 28 years old and am in the process of becoming the woman God wants me to be. I'm still young and have far to go, but I believe God has sent me to your blog for a reason!!! I can hear him speaking to me about so many things as I read your words. I have two little boys, but I hope to have more children in the future. I know God has to do a work in me before I have another, but I feel him doing this work even now. I have a lot of growing to do. I want so much to give myself over %100 to being a mother, but there is still part of me that wants to hold back and hurry these years along so that I can have my freedom again. I know, however, that Gos is calling me in a different direction-away from my own selfish desires and into my role as mother. I want to embrace these years and stop whining and complaining. I want more children, but I have to get past this stumbling block called selfishness. Pray for me as I learn to give myself and my life completely over to Him. Margo

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Hi, Katherine. I popped over from Mostly I'm Tired. I have enjoyed reading your blog - you express yourself beautifully! Thank you for reminding us of the Lord's hand in our lives through the reprises. Thanks for the touching post on toddlers. I, too, am raising five - 13 down to 15months. I sometimes grieve over the lost days when my older ones were tiny - I plan to "luv" these little ones to pieces! God bless,
Jennifer @ Doing The Next Thing

Julie said...

Enjoy your break!