Friday, August 24, 2007

Week wrap-up

Sorry for my erratic posting schedule lately. All you anal retentive organized people out there must just give up on me. Will she post at all today? Will it be in the morning? Afternoon? Evening?

Anyway, today was Meet the Teacher day for our elementary school. I could not be more pleased that Annie (6) and Libby (9) both have outstanding, experienced teachers who are both believers.

As I mentioned last year, because of her summer birthday and her immaturity, we decided to hold Annie back. We've enjoyed our year together, she is entering kindergarten with a good start on reading, and she is MORE THAN READY. We've been counting the days since, well, since January.

Last week we had all traipsed over to the middle school with Neal (12) and Allie (13) on schedule-pickup day. This morning, Annie matter-of-factly informed me, "We're going to my school today. I need to pick up my schedule." Whew! I thought she was ready for kindergarten, but maybe she's ready

Libby's teacher was in my Moms In Touch group a few years ago, and her teenage daughter (an outstanding young lady) has babysat for us. God is so good.

Not all years have been this fortunate. We tell our kids they are responsible for the work, whether or not their teacher appears to have taught the material. They are also responsible to be respectful of those teachers by virtue of their position, even if they do not appear worthy of their respect. Furthermore, we also tell them we wield the authority to assign homework, even if the teacher does not. Some years have tested this more than others, but in general, the kids are learning to get the most out of school, and I'm learning when to get involved (rarely) and when to just watch and wait.

Since this was grocery day, I had to stock up on "school food." I'm not sure what we've been eating for the last three months, but by the looks of the two overloaded carts (plus two children) I pushed around Walmart today, four of our kids obviously have NOT been each eating a sandwich, some yogurt, a piece of fruit and a cookie every day this summer. It will be good for Neal to go back to school, because I know for a fact that he ate Ramen noodles for lunch almost every day during the months of July and August. I will not disclose how many times our family ate cereal for dinner.

I'm still working on visiting those of you who have been so kind to introduce yourselves (keep 'em coming!). I haven't had this much fun in over a year of blogging. I always had a hunch our little corner of the blogosphere was a great place, but this confirms it.

Y'all are awesome!


Barbie @ Mamaology said...

I just found out that my Second graders teacher is a believer too:):):) Isn't God sooo faithful! She had a believer for a teacher last year too:)

And wow I just scrolled down and seen 115 comments to introduce themselves:) That's impressive:)

Julie said...

We have always been blessed with wonderful Christian teachers. We have only had one bad apple which isn't to bad for the number of kids we have.

Have a great weekend.


Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

We got to "Meet The Teacher" this week, too. I can't believe my baby is starting Pre-K!

I feel great about Scooter's teacher (She was Tink's, too), and will reserve judgment on Tink's 1st Grade teacher. Let's just say that I hope my past impressions of her were inaccurate. And that she is a WONDERFUL teacher who will be GREAT for my middle girl.

Hey, I finally got around to posting Personal Policies. Sort of. :>)

Susanne said...

How awesome that your kids are going to be off to a great start. Ours start back after the long weekend. I just went back to school shopping for supplies and shoes and have not even hit up the grocery store yet for lunch items. Sigh.

Julie@HighFive! said...

I like your policies, I think I'll begin with those for our own kiddos. I know my 1st and 3rd grader will do well, they are very excited and love school. My 6th grader though tends to find it more important to try and fit in with the other kids than worry about schoolwork. We told him if he stays on top of his homework and there aren't any behavioral issues each week, he can rent a movie or see a movie with dad. If he has a good school year overall with no problems, then we'll take him to a Yankees game in the summer. I hope these things provide enough motivation for him.

Tammi said...

That's great your kids are getting off to a wonderful start.

I just wanted to pop by and say your blog and your honesty has been really refreshing. Keep it up!

voni said...

So nice when You like your children's teacher and what a bonus to have one that is a believer!
All my children are in school all day long this year. This is very new to me!
You should check out Target coupons (print right off their web site) for school food. You can get Target brand juice boxes for $1. You can also double a manufactures coupon with there store coupon. I've saved lots of $s.
My oldest started middle school this year. What a change for all of us!

fAiThFuL cHiCk said...

How funny....I was starting to feel a little shamed by how many times we have asked the boys "Which of these three cereals would you like this evening?" this summer!

So glad about the teachers. I know that is a sweet song to your heart to know they are in the care of a loving believer during the school day.


Jen said...

I did my back to school grocery shopping last week...1 cart later and two grocery stores I was exhausted....I have been a little discouraged on blogging lately. I may take a break. My comments are down and though I do this for myself....I notice over 100 people will come see me in a day..yet only 3 will gets me down sometimes. I will keep up with you though I enjoy your talks

Unknown said...

Hi! I just found your blog! I have five little boys from ages 8-2. We have our meet the teacher day tomorrow. Always nerve racking for me. As is the first day of school! I know i will cry and be a mess on Sept. 4th!