Saturday, August 25, 2007

You have a blog? Get a life!

I normally don't post on the weekends but I thought it was more than coincidence that two of my blog friends posted EXTREMELY similar posts regarding how much time and mental energy we devote to blogging.

See for yourself:

Faithful Chick on American Idols (not the ones you vote for)
Sarah at As the Lord Works on Those Sneaky Idols

*And edited to add**

Etta at J Boys' Mommy on Blogging: What is your motivation?

Just trying to keep everything in balance.

Live first.
Blog later.


Marian said...

Those posts were very similar to conversations I've had with myself about the whole thing, and about the idea of starting a blog instead of just reading my favorites. One of the bloggers I used to visit actually stopped her blog as it HAD become an idol.

Life in this fast-paced computer age is just not what it once was. For many of us, traditional means of really connecting with others, for all of the really good reasons we need to, are just not as accessible. Even if you strip your own life of all distractions and really look to connect, all you might find in response is... {insert crickets chirping-- no, make that cell phones ringing}. For example, there are typically no other moms home during the day in my neighborhood-- some are at work, some are sleeping off the night shift. If you want to get together with another family, it has to be put on the calendar two-months away and then gets re-scheduled twice. People are cut off from one another by frantic lives and, ironically, the technologies that are supposed to keep us connected even as they can close our hearts to all but the few in our inner circle. I think that connecting through blogs has a place in this new world-- the connections, mutual encouragement and learning are real and very beneficial-- but it does come with huge potential to overstep its bounds.

Oops. Now THAT's about the length of a comment that should be developed into one's own blog post, huh? ; ) Thanks for forwarding those posts, Katherine.

Julie@HighFive! said...

Very, very timely! Our pastor just talked about this very thing. Not blogging specifically, but what are we spending our life on? He emphasized that we should be all about loving God first and loving eachother second....period. That's what pleases God. Sounds soo simple, yet it really means cutting out so many of the "pretty good things."

I'm not giving up blogging but I am going to try to make it serve some useful purpose, like posting pics and life pics for friends and family to see and instead of posting my opinions or thoughts, I'll save them for comments on discussion topics at encouraging blogs like this.

Jenn @ Knee-Deep in Munchkin Land said...

Sarah is a phenominal writer, isn't she?! She is very wise and insightful. =)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Funny you just wrote this, I had been working out my own thoughts on this. Thanks for the links. I LOVED them. I have been thinking about my purpose when blogging and what I could be doing...loved the links. Thanks katherine. A GREAT reminder. BALANCE!

Margo said...

Thanks for the balance check! :-)

Kristin said...

I totally agree, great way to put it!!!!!
Bless you!!!