Friday, September 28, 2007

Not that kind of river

I know there is a river whose streams make glad the city of God. I'll take that one.

There is another river, one whose streams flow from under your bathroom wall. Unfortunately, we got that one, too.

I guess this is the Year of Water for the Raising Five house. We've had plumbing issues ALL YEAR LONG. That's what we get for buying a thirty-four-year-old "fixer upper," huh?

This weekend, we noticed that when we used the shower in my bathroom, there was a lot of water on the floor. We just thought it was because the shower curtain wasn't sealing well. But then we noticed that there was water even when the kids used the tub. It was coming out of the wall, several inches away from the base of the tub.

Yesterday, we had our plumber friend come check it out. He said he thought there was a leak under the tub. For some reason it just didn't sound right to me, because there was no water in the wall behind the tub. But whatever, he's the expert, right? We stopped using the tub and started using the detached shower (which is very small so we hardly ever use it).

This morning, after just one shower, I saw the water coming out of the wall again, not only when I use the detached shower, BUT ALSO WHEN WE FLUSH THE TOILET!

Oh. My. Gracious! I can't even let myself think of WHAT KIND OF WATER has sopped into the insulation in our wall! EEWWW. This is definitely a daddy job. (I have forbidden him to go out of town until we get this thing figured out!)

Needless to say, I called our insurance company immediately. We have a slab foundation, so most likely there is a leak in the drain pipe that's under several inches of concrete. I'm sure there's damage to the wall, the woodwork, the shower stall (which was completely torn out and rebuilt just four years ago when it had a shower pan leak), and that they will have to jackhammer the ceramic tile to get to the pipe. The foundation is sagging in that corner of the house, so we might have to have that repaired first.

Not exactly the news I wanted to hear. Big sigh.

I know we will get through this, but ugh. Did it really have to be A TOILET WATER RIVER?


Michelle said...

Oh me......We too are in a 30 year old house and daily it is showing it's age. Several years ago we had a leak in a pipe located in the family room wall. After jackhammering through the slab floor in not one but two rooms, and cutting holes in the walls it eventually all got repaired. But oh how I feel your pain. Especially the toilet water part. You'll get through this too. (Smile)

Anonymous said...

Ewww. I am so sorry to hear that the plumbing issues have not gone away yet! Praying that this will be the last issue with your plumbing.

Etta said...

Oh MAN! I know this is absolutely no consolation, but 3 days after I brought my youngest son home from the hospital, our toilet backed up. No big deal, right? My husband decided to get out the plunger, but he plunged (is that a word?) a little too hard, and the toilet water backed up into BOTH of our bathtubs AND out the other toilet, causing the seal on the toilet to break. The water leaked throught the wall into my oldest son's bedroom carpet. This was on Sunday, so we paid extra to have a plumber come out. But he couldn't find the clean-out and couldn't get to the clog. So we packed up and stayed with friend, with our 3 year old and 3 day old until Monday. So then we paid for them to come out with some sort of camera, but they still couldn't find the cleanout. So they didn't charge us, but we still had no plumbing. Finally, we thought to go down the street and ask our neighbors, who have the same floor plan as ours, where their clean out was. It turns out, they didn't know, but the lady was best friend's with the former owners of our house, so she called her. So after 3 days, we finally got the plumbing fixed and could move in to adjust to having 2 children!

I know, I know, I am such an encourager. I'm sure you feel tons better now.

Susanne said...

Oh dear. Fun stuff. "This too shall pass". Right?

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Well bless your heart.

Okay, here's the plan. Take the hubby and kids, check into the nicest hotel in town, and come home when the whole thing's fixed.

Lisa said...

Oh my...that all sound very expensive and is giving me a few heart palpatations.
Our first home was a 100 year old 'rehab.' Which was really realtor speak for money pit.
Hope everything works out okay and doesn't bring too much extra stress into your life.

Marian said...

So sorry for the plumbing woes! They DO make you appreciate indoor plumbing all the more. We're right there with you on these, and I actually have been thinking of you every time I get my weird compulsive feeling when taking out a load of wash... (now there's an honor!)

See, our house is 107 years old. (About 8 years before we bought it, we found out later, it had been purchased by one of those "we buy ugly, dilapidated houses that no one else wants to buy" companies. They-- or someone--did SOME job "fixing it up.") A couple of years ago,we started noticing water in the basement (away from the side that leaks already), and discovered that the main drain pipe was cracked in the back. Our plumber friend came and dug up the concrete in the basement and found that, underneath the concrete where the pipe went in, there was an 8 inch gap between it and the pipe it was supposed to connect to!! The drain pipe had been just spilling over top of it, with most of it leaking under our basement floor. No wonder it dips considerably there. We have some very, very fertile soil underneath our house, let me tell you... I cringed when you mentioned that particular pipe in your house.

Now there's a smell we can't get rid of in our one bathroom that I'm rather concerned about... And soon we'll be looking forward to this year's anuual frozen pipes, enjoying our week or two of colonial house simulation and praying that this isn't the year they finally burst. Since we've also had two floods that likewise put the washer out of commission, I get a this weird, compulsive, triumphant feeling every time I successfully complete a load of wash: "Whew! At least I got THAT one clean before the next problem comes along. We're set for underwear for at least 5 days now, provided there aren't too many accidents..." So are you there with me yet? (Or am I alone in this goofy paranoia?)

May your repairs be miraculously quick and easy and CHEAP!

Olive said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry! You just seem to keep getting hit with things! I'm praying for a speedy clean upa nd fix.

Julie said...

Oh girl, that is so complete yukky. I am so sorry. There is nothing worse than plumbing problems.

Oh the joy of home ownership. I hope it gets fixed very very soon.

Hang in there!!!!

Alyson said...

oh that sucks....hopefully it won't be too bad, or at least maybe yourinsurance company will pay for it.

Mommy-fied said...

Eeps... hope you don't have to build an ark! If this happened to me I'd be thinking, I JUST DON'T NEED THIS RIGHT NOW.

Hope it gets fixed ASAP.

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

My shoulders sagged a little more with each sentence I read. I'm sorry. Lori has a great comment about getting a hotel room. Chin up - I'll be praying for you.

Kate said...

This sounds like a nightmare!


Jen said...

You have had some major problems with water lately....washer and now showers/pipes.....I hope next week is alot better and the plumbing bill wont be so bad.