Saturday, September 29, 2007

Two absolutely must-see videos

Speaking of unrealistic relational expectations, here's one that took me WAY back to 1985...

I can't embed it, so click here and scroll down to the SECOND video

I'm sure Dennis and I were even more syrupy than this.

But (in case you ever wondered), here's the REAL reason Dennis fell in love with me - he liked my Great Big Bible (some of you may not like this but here goes anyway!):


Grafted Branch said...

With all due respect, In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

I know as Christians we don't worship the pages and binding, but something about this is making the Spirit in me sink.

kittyhox said...

Oh my gosh, that second video is soooo funny!

I'm probably relating because I graduated in '94, right about the time the parodied song was very popular at my high school.

Thanks for posting that - I had such a good laugh!


kittyhox said...

PS The first one was great, too. :)

Although I was totally myself, and so was my husband, even when we first started dating. We always knew exactly what to expect, so at least there haven't been any major surprises or a big letdown!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Hello Grafted Branch,

As a dear blog friend, I completely respect and value your opinion. I would never want to offend you. I think you know me well enough to know that I would never knowingly disrespect the Word.

As you said, we don’t worship the pages and the binding. The video’s purpose is to encourage young men to know love the Bible, and to look for a young woman who knows and loves it, too. However, the medium is not for everyone, and I realize that.

Let's not let this divide us, okay?



60 toes said...

I love the second video. I did not watch either but I have seen the "baby got book" one and love it. Some of the Christian jargon cracks me up. The original song is so gross that this is a huge improvement.

My 10 year old can sing the whole song.


Beck said...

Oh my GOODNESS, I laughed SO hard at that first video! I know a couple who is still like that - they've decided to own dogs instead of having kids, which has kept the magic alive, I guess.
And that second video? It's SO funny!

Liberty said...

I was a camp counselor in high school when the original song was popular and we actually wrote a similar song. We should have made a video! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I just luurrvved the second video. I enjoyed the first one too but the second one reaaally cracked me up.

I do own a leather bound Thomson Chain with red letters. Hahaha... maybe that's why my hubby fell for me too... hahaha...

Marian said...

That is hilarious! Baby Got Book got a literal LOL! ANd usually I just "LOL" in spirit when reading posts. ; )

Lisa said...

What do you mean 'unrealistic'? My husband and I act like that all the time!

And the 2nd video...very, very funny! My kids and I laughed! And they were actually impressed that I knew the words to the 'original.' (And I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that!)
Baby Got Book is a big improvement over that one!