Friday, October 05, 2007

Who knew lions could be that small?

This week has been a beating. Annie (6) was sick most of the week, and sleep was at a premium around here.

By Wednesday afternoon, though, she started feeling better, so I offered to help Dennis do some running around for a Father-Son camping trip he's going on this weekend.

My job: lug the two younger ones, search the metro area (by Google) and purchase two of these:
All I can say is, that's not my kind of camping, folks.

(It's been my pleasure serving you. Now go have fun, boys!).

Of course it was late when we got back, so it was a quick dinner and baths. Dennis had gone to the store (again) to get more camping gear (can we NEVER go camping without buying more STUFF?)

As I was drying Annie's hair, I thought I saw something. Moving. Oh no, it couldn't be...could it?


That's right folks, my big lion this week is a teenie-weenie one: head lice.

For those of you uninitiated, I will direct your attention here. No, these critters do not carry disease and are not a sign of low socioeconomic status or abysmal hygiene standards. When you have a bunch of kids and you let them out of the house occasionally, odds are pretty good one of them will bring home unwanted visitors on a rare occasion. And my, these visitors are sure a pain in the you-know-what.

I immediately called Dennis at the store to pick up the Big Guns (I know, I know, there are "natural" methods, but at 8 p.m. on a school night seeing vermin in my child's hair, I needed to know this was going to work!).

We haven't had to deal with this since Neal's (12) entire second-grade baseball team succumbed in the infamous Shared Batting Helmet Incident. It wasn't fun then, and, well, nothing much has changed.

Anyway, in case you wonder what I've been doing all day long, in addition to my usual eating bon-bons, having my nails done, and watching soaps, I've been washing sheets, towels, vacuuming furniture, mattresses and floors. Then, when I get done with that, I wash sheets, towels, and vacuum furniture, mattresses and floors - and of course, comb hair.

My friend Carol's husband and son (who, incidentally, was on that ill-fated baseball team) left with Dennis and Neal and the Luggable Loos for the campout this afternoon. The original plan was to get our girls together for a Girls' Night In. Carol (wisely) declined the sleepover option, but instead, offered to come over and help me wash sheets, towels, and vacuum furniture, mattresses and floors, and, in the ultimate friendship bonding experience, comb hair. I told you she was awesome.

Carol even went through my hair, with me lying flat on the patio table outside as she combed. We chatted about school and kids and husbands and this insanity we call our lives. It was oddly relaxing. Funny how life stops at the weirdest times.

Much as I would love to post pictures, they would be serious blackmail material, not so much for me, but for my tweens and teen, who would just die to see their mother's scalp posted on the internet for all to see. (And just to let you know, I'm clean.)

So the moral of the story is twofold:

1-No matter what happens, if it's bad, it's always going to happen when husbands are (or are heading) out of town.


2- No matter how big or how small they are, it's better to chase lions with friends.


Elspeth said...

Thank God for good friends. Sorry about the lice. African-Americans don't get them so I can't say I know how you feel. Of course, there's a wicked cold circulating through here so I can relate to the constant cleaning, handwashing, and spraying of Lysol to try and stop it in its tracks.

Anonymous said...

Don't u just wish for some dull moments? And yeah, it's so true bad things almost always happen when hubby's not around.

Laura said...

Oh Lice, yep it's that time of year isn't it. Our school has a heck of a problem with it and it drives me crazy that I have to nag my daughter so much to keep her hair up. Shouldn't she just want to on her own? Kids!

Marian said...

Now that's a good friend!

It really MUST have been a busy day, because I noticed that, while you did accomplish the nails, bon bon eating and soap watching, you totally neglected your tabloid reading, didn't you? ;-)

Sherri@NoiseOverload said...

Oh my word!! Fevers, plumbing, Luggable Loos and lice - are you glad the week is finally over? My goodness Katherine you make my crazy house seem dull.


Unknown said...

I'm new to your blog, but I can so relate to the crazy life. I'm a military wife, who's husband just recently got home from a 14 month is definitely crazy around here. Anyway, been there done that on the lice fun, but at least you had a friend in battle and a great laugh! Have a great weekend!

Susanne said...
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Susanne said...

Oh dear. I thing the moral of the story is Dennis needs to cancel all out of town trips for the next year or ten. ;v)

You poor girl. At least you got to rest while laying on the patio table? :v}

Sorry for the delete above.

Qtpies7 said...

I most assuredly would not go camping if I need a loo like that. And I HATE lice. But, its a rare household that never gets to deal with it.

Just going to church and having coats hung up near other coats.... thats all it takes.

Etta said...

Oh my word. Just don't ask yourself the question, "Could it get any worse?"

Murphy's Law, you know.

Hee,hee. Praying for an uneventful week next week for you!

Julie said...

First, my kids got a big kick out of the lil toilet. I wish we had those when I camped as a young girl.

Head lice. Been there, done that. I am sooo sorry.

Happy vacuuming!!!

Aimee said...

Girl, we have dealt with head lice with my daughter for the PAST MONTH!!! ARGHGHGH!! It's a big roaring lion that doesn't go away! I way empathize with the combing and more combing and the washing and more washing. None of my boys have gotten it nor us, but bless her heart, it just keeps coming back...
I always think of Corrie Ten Boom and thank God for the lice!! (that is when I am having a good day :)

Lana said...

so sorry! we have had lice twice, and both times were AWFUL

Carla said...

I am sorry about the lice and the this and the that. I do so enjoy how you relate it all though! You are such a fun read!

Ladybug said...

Now that is a good friend! :) I use to teach Kindergarten and lice went around almost every year. Truth is the little critters like CLEAN hair soooo the dirtier the hair the less likely to get the bugs!! LOL When lice was going around school the nurse would always tell us to put our hair up and to use LOTS of hairspray, etc...because they do not like it.

Anonymous said...

Darling---Sorry about the lice. I figure you needed to have to something to do while the guys are gone besides eat Bon Bons, watch soaps and blogging friends while the boys are gone.

At least your house, bed linens, mattresses and hair are CLEAN. I am sure it is just in time for everyone to get back and muddy up the house again. Chin Up even Lions need to sleep.

Have an awesome day.

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

OH goodness gracious, sakes alive. That's a lot of washing and vacuuming and re-washing and what not.

But the part about getting your hair combed while chatting with a good friend - really sounded great!