Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nostalgia Meme

If you have ever tagged me, you know I am the world's worst "memer." But Susanne tagged me for this one, and, well, it got me to thinking.

So here's the question:

What were you doing 10, 20, 30 years ago?

Ten years ago:

In November 1997, I was the size of a house. I must have been cheating in this pic, because I was still serving time on bed rest for preterm labor during my pregnancy with Libby (9). I had finally emerged from the dark years, anxious for our third child, only to spend sixteen weeks of my life in my recliner or on my bed, monitoring contractions. And without internet, I embroidered the entire Lord's Prayer (you can see a pic of it hanging by my piano here). Just think of the blogging I could have done!

Somehow we made it through that out-of-control time, and, wasn't she a beautiful baby?

Twenty years ago:

Dennis and I had been married two years already (I was now a mature 21). We made the biggest decision of our married life up to that point, and moved across the country to the South. We were both working full-time and going to school at night, playing house and thinking about how busy we were. Oh, and I was seeing how tall I could hairspray my bangs. To think I had trouble getting laundry done, even back then!

Thirty years ago:

(And now I'm officially feeling old, y'all. Do I really have memories from this long ago?).

In 1977, I was a sarcastic, quick-witted, too-big-for-my-britches preacher's kid, trying very hard to blend in with my sixth grade public school classmates in our small town in the Northwest. (This statement gives me hope for my own children at times!)

I actually have a diary from that time, and it chronicles the event that changed the history of our family forever: we moved from our teensy town all the way to Mexico City, mid-way through that school year. During this year I had my first encounters with homesickness (on a very large scale!), culture shock, peer rejection, and (as providence would have it): puberty. It was a very hard time, but I didn't really realize it. I just thought all families did stuff like this. Looking back, I know God was there. My parents hung in there with me (it was here I discovered that shelter is not a place), and my sister Rachel Anne was there to share a room and make tomato and avocado masks with me (I thought about posting those pictures, but I changed my mind). What more do you need?

I'll tag anyone who can remember that far back, or even if you can't, but I'd especially like to hear from:

Brenda at The Family Revised
Julie at Love, Laughter and Laundry
Faithful Chick


Susanne said...

Well, you sure did yours up beautifully, what with pictures and all. Love it.

You and Dennis made a gorgeous young couple back then. Look how happy you are.

And excuse me? Big as a house? If you hadn't have said that I wouldn't have even guessed you had a little one tucked behind that apron. Now if you want big as a house, you should have seen moi! ;v)

Beck said...

Oh my goodness - look at you as a teenager! and I'm going to join Susanne in saying "big as a house"? I don't THINK so - I went up to 200 pounds while I was pregnant with Gus (a SEVENTY pound weight gain, thankyouverymuch), should you want to actually see a big house.

Marian said...

What fun to see! Thanks for taking us along on your memory lane.

Surely you meant a very small doll house?

fAiThFuL cHiCk said...

Got the tag. This should be fun. I will post on this tomorrow.

faithful chick

Julie said...

Hey, I had bangs like that. I think you look great.

Girl, I'm not sure we can be buddies anymore if that picture of you pregnant is as big as you get. Jeeez. We should all look so "big" when we are nine months pregnant.

This looks fun, I will try and get something up in the next few days.


Kat said...

What a great meme. The pics are fabulous!

Virginia Revoir said...

You've gotten prettier as you've gotten older. :o) Lucky you.

Andrea said...

Too, Too funny!!

I am *so* jealous of your hospital pic of you and your baby. :) You look so amazing! All of my pics in the hospital bed with my just-born baby, I look horrible!!

I love the 6th grade fresh and pretty.

What a fun meme!!

Andrea said...

Also...big bangs!!?? That's nothing!! :)

Brenda said...

This had to have been the most enjoyable meme I have ever seen!!!! I was all thinking "man, I should do this!" but by the end of the post I had talked myself out of such nonsense. I don't have a scanner, after all, so it wouldn't be any good at all.

Then I saw my tag. Thanks for adding to my stress!!!!!:)
OK, I'll have to work on this one.

And? I cannot imagine bed rest without the internet! It was like the dark ages, wasn't it?

Laura said...

Wow that picture of you thirty years ago is beautiful! I can see your daughters in this picture.

Jen said...

I absolutely love your 6th grade photo....such a great photo.....good meme.

Barbie @ Mamaology said...

You look the same in all your pictures:) How can you get away with having 5 children and do that?

Alyson said...

wow that picture of you 30 years ago is so beautiful!!
Don't feel old. You have aged perfectly ;)

Anonymous said...

This was neat to read! I love the pictures! I had to do one myself but I haven't put up any pictures yet. :0)

Joyfulness said...

You're so beautiful in all the pictures! (and now too of course!) Thanks so much for sharing these. What fun to jump through the years and get to know you "back then" a bit.

Laura said...

Okay, two things. When you say "big as a house" for the first picture, I'm with the others to say, "What house? Where?" Honestly, wouldn't have known you were pregnant. I'd love to look that good.

And ditto on looking good right after delivering a baby. Gosh, friend, you look phenomenal in your second picture!

Sandy said...

What a great meme- I love your photos! I'm playing along too- it just took me this long to get my act together :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey! You had your ears pierced when we were in the sixth grade? How did you manage that?

I remember when you moved to Mexico in 1977. It was a sad, sad day. But, how I loved receiving your letters and learning about your new life at 16 de Septiembre.

We received your nice Christmas card today and I discovered your blog. Lucky for me you're on hiatus so I can catch up ...

Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Hey Bini!

So good to hear from my best childhood friend!

Can't believe you noticed the earrings (seems to me this was a sore issue?)! I couldn't remember exactly how old I was in this picture, but now that you say that, it must have been a year later, because I got my ears pierced when I was in seventh...oh well, I was close!

Email me when you get a chance so we can catch up (on my sidebar)!