Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What time did you say?

What a great day!

Today was the grand finale of our ladies' Bible study. For the past eight weeks, a small group of us has been going through an as-yet unpublished study written by my sister Rachel Anne, appropriately named Home Sanctuary. We talked about everything from making God the foundation of our homes, to children's chore charts, to finding your decorating style (I delegated that lesson to more qualified individuals). It's been a lot of work, but SO much fun!

Today, for the last class, we all met at my house for a pot-luck brunch. Now, we haven't had "real" company over in quite a while. I'm used to my "usual" drop-in company: kids, moms of kids, and, well, more kids. This was the first time in a while I'd had to hide my papers, straighten my no-no drawer, and park my laundry in the garage instead of the car. I was quite proud of what a good job I'd done pulling the house together.

I got up early and spent the morning madly cleaning getting ready. I'd planned on having things pretty much together one hour before everyone was supposed to arrive at 10:30. I was in my pajama pants, sweating up a storm, running vacuum for the final touch. I had just turned the water on for my shower at 9:25 when I heard the doorbell.

The UPS man? FedEx?

Uh, no, it was one of my guests! Apparently I had not been clear on the time (9:30 was the time we met for the study.).

Well! Come on in! Make yourself at home! Can I get you a drink? Good, good. Now, if you'll excuse me, do you mind watching Ruthie (3) while I jump in the shower?

Somewhere in my thinking, I'd been told that the host should never "outdress" her guests, but I don't think that includes pajama pants. Or sweat.

When I emerged from my room 20 minutes later (now looking ever-so-together in my robe!), two more guests had arrived. At least I was clean now.

Talk amongst yourselves, people. Coffee? Help yourselves. Would you mind setting out those plates for me? Now if you'll excuse me, I need to dry my hair!

I suppose after 8 weeks together, our friendship was already quite established, but now? Now we've bonded. Everyone got a good laugh at my expense (no, don't look at my legs; I didn't shave). The rest of the ladies showed up at the right time (at least some people could figure out my unclear email!) and, in spite of it all, we had a great morning, talking, laughing, and enjoying girl time while the kids played outside in our Indian summer, 83-degree sunshine.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go shave my legs.


Marian said...

Ha! Been there!

Sounds like a wonderful time was had in any case.

Anonymous said...

bless your heart!!!


Jen said...

That sounds just like my friends. They ALWAYS come early to help me out...and I have learned to have it all together 30 minutes before they show up....which means I'm always always always 1 1/2 hours ahead...yes you heard me right. Otherwise.....I'm a mess......my bible study only has 3 weeks left on it....I will be sad when its over.

Susanne said...

Oh that just sounds too familiar!

-J said...

Must admit I chuckled. Two weeks ago several friends met at a coffee shop for brunch. As we were leaving, one of our group was just arriving. My e-mail with arrangements had been titled, "Ladies' Brunch at 10 AM Saturday," but the last line of the message read, "I made reservations for 12. Let me know if you can't make it." 12 what? 12 noon? or 12 ladies?

fAiThFuL cHiCk said...

TOO funny!

Julie said...

Ha Ha Ha. Thank goodness you weren't still cleaning. What a fun memory to have and laugh about for years to come.


Elspeth said...

These little moments are what life is all about!:0)

Unknown said...

Oh that's funny! It looks like YOU were clothed in humility as well. I find myself in these kinds of predicaments more often than I'd like to admit, but it does help keep me from thinking too highly of myself.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh, this is comforting...to know that I am not the only one dropping the ball on occasion :)

Now, when can I get a copy of that study...must I go harrass Rachel Anne?

Deborah said...

I just love your vulnerability. I probably just wouldn't have answered the door!

I could learn that it's okay to let others know I don't always have it altogether (like...most of the time)!

You are a trip! When we get to heaven, can we live in the same neighborhood?

Dana said...

Is it possible that we could be twins separated at birth? Today I hosted our first ladies Bible study for this fall(we had to start later in the fall since I was so busy running the girlies to volleyball) and I was still in my pj's delegating vacuuming and taking out the trash to the kids until 20 minutes before the ladies were to arrive. "Pot luck"? Our family decided a few yrs. ago that we would rather call it "Pot Providence". :-)


Annie said...

Oh my word what an exciting morning. So would it be possible to get a copy of this study? We are starting a new study in January focusing on home.