Friday, December 07, 2007

Week wrap-up

Okay, this week got totally out of control. We had something going Every. Single. Night. It was all fun stuff like sports practices and the youth group talent show (which Allie-14 and her friends WON! I hope I can figure out how to post the video soon!).

Of course, whenever I renew my convictions about how I want to parent, my children suddenly act AWFUL. Must. Be. Strong. Ruthie (3) has especially been a bear, which hasn't been helped by night terrors, Every. Single. Night. I am SO tired.

Then there was the out-of-body experience of registering Allie for HIGH SCHOOL. Our district is a little hyper on the planning, so we still have several months of eighth grade, but still. Wasn't she just in diapers yesterday?

The only saving grace of the experience was that when we were doing all the paperwork, one of Allie's middle school classmates asked her, "Hey, is that a new girl?"

To which Allie replied (horrified), "No, buddy! That's my MOM!"

Ah, I'll live off that error in judgment compliment for a good year or two, and I'll wear that shirt (which I borrowed from Allie, hehe!) just about...forever.

(Must have been the braces, because it sure wasn't the laugh lines!)

Got a little more work done on my photo books, and now Allie is working on one for her best friend, too, so we're fighting over the computer a bit more than usual. It was 82 degrees today, which makes it a just about impossible to get in the Christmas shopping mood, so I managed to procrastinate that a few more days. We wouldn't want it to be TOO smooth, now, would we?

Last but not least, today is Neal's birthday. I am now the mother of TWO teens. Talk about out-of-body experience! All I can say is, I should have gotten started at this motherhood thing MUCH younger!! Whew!

He's still just as sweet with most of all his sisters, and he will always be Ruthie's favorite. Here they are, in a moment in time I want to remember forever.

Anyway, since we started the tradition on Allie's thirteenth birthday, Dennis and Neal are going out tonight somewhere for a good steak and a nice man-to-man talk. I think there might even be man-jewelry involved, but that's not my department. I'm just in charge of the Chocolate Fudge Cake.

Here he is this summer. He's funny, quick-witted and stubborn, but also the most tender-hearted of all my children. He still loves a good hug, but I feel him loosening his grip on my apron strings, and it's bittersweet.


Leslie said...

82 degrees?! What I wouldn't give for a day like that.
It was 17 here today and we got about 4 inches of snow.

derekk said...

How cute about being mistaken for "the new girl". I would love that also. Happy Birthday to your son- my son is turning four next week.

dawn klinge said...

Just so you know on that above comment, it wasn't Derek- it was me. Derek is my husband, I didn't realize I was on his account. That comment might sound a little weird coming from a guy- sorry :)

Beck said...

Are night terrors going around? The Baby has been keeping us up with them for TWO WEEKS now! That's surreal!
You got mistaken for a high school girl! Go, you!
And happy birthday to Neal - he sounds like my own Boy. I hope he had a great birthday.

Carla said...

I really enjoy reading your blog! You are funny and real! Your writing makes me feel like I am sitting in your living room just yapping about the day. Thank you.

Wendy said...

82 sounds great, but I can see why that would make it hard to feel like Christmas.

The parenting thing sounds familiar. My daughter is almost 3 and has been a bear lately too.

Happy Birthday to your boy!

Jolanthe said...

How do you deal with the night terrors? Our son just started having them and I feel so helpless. We've never had the issue with our other 3. He won't sleep in his own bed - AHHHHH!!!
Just wondering how you handle it - especially since reasoning with a 3 year old at 2 in the morning is a wee bit difficult!


Carla said...

There is no reasoning with a 3 year old. Sorry.
Lots of prayer. Had the same thing in our house.

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Happy Birthday to the Big Guy! Our 3yo joins yours and the others in the comments on "being a bear!" I think it is the fact that we all get out of our routines this time of year - and distracted (lazy?) about being consistent in both love and discipline! (That's why I love your recent posts!) The little ones feel the impact of that more than the older ones do. Here's hoping that we can all reign them in before Christmas! Blessings.

Rachel Anne said...

Love the "new girl" comment! Ha ha ha ha! That is AWESOME! Happy Birthday to Neal, a truly great kid!

Brenda said...

Oh man! How awesome to be mistaken for teen! I would wear that shirt all the time too!

The picture of your son and younger sister is precious. I don't even know your kids and I'm sad they are growing up so fast!!! :)

Julie said...

Aww, he sounds like my youngest son. Happy birthday to your handsome boy. It's hard letting them grow up, isnt it?

Have a great week,

Debbie said...

Couldn't resist commenting. Your son sounds like my oldest son. Sweet, stubborn, but also my most tender-hearted. My J also has a birthday this month. Turns 9 two days after I turn 29 for the 12th time. So I know whatcha mean about December being hectic. I don't if I'm coming or going sometimes, but most times I feel like bed, that is. Haven't started a thing for Chr. And as for 3 yo...ours was being a bear, which can be somewhat normal. But we did find out he had a double ear infection. Yikes. That would make anyone a bear. So sorry your little gal is having a rough time w/ the night terrors. If I don't have time to write again...I send wishes for a very Merry Christmas to all of you at Raising Five. God bless! (Sorry so long! Oops!)

Qtpies7 said...

Ah, how sweet! I love the pics of my teens with the babies. I have 3 teens right now. It is tough, one being an 18yo while I have a 1yo baby! Whaa! My baby was just a baby yesterday, now he is enlisted in the Air Force and leaving me this summer! But then another of my children hits teendom, and I will still be dealing with 3 teens and he will be out of the house.
And I would be beaming after that lovely compliment!