Monday, January 28, 2008

And now what...

Spent most of church yesterday avoiding eye contact with the husbands of my real-life friends (both of them) who read my blog. Seems that while I was busy baring my soul last week to the safety and relative anonymity of my blog girl friends, I forgot one teensy-weensy problem: not all of my readers are (1) female or (2) married.

Ahem. Oh well, I'm getting better at losing all sense of shame if it's for the common good. And the secret "thumbs-up" I got from one husband made me smile, even though my cheeks felt suddenly hot and flushed.

This week - between loads of boxes to my new temporary home -

Well, it's not my home, but it's now taking up my entire driveway, and the fact that it's there, staring me in the face, makes me feel TOTALLY GUILTY blogging, because I know I should be packing...

ANYWAY, guilt aside, this week I thought we could talk a little bit about kids. On Wednesday, I will have a very special guest who will personally answer your most burning parenting questions, so get those questions ready!

In the meantime, since I'm just a muddler, and in NO WAY a "kid expert," I'll just give a running commentary on life around here. It will either make you want none, or, if it's too late for that, make you want to join the insanity that awaits you when you surround yourself with munchkins who eventually grow up, and whose friends can raze your pantry in a single blow.

So for starters, I thought I'd share the recipe I tried to copy from Allie's (14) volleyball team mom (thanks, MJ!). It's a great thing to munch on during volleyball tournaments (I'm afraid the parents end up eating more than the players). It's also nice to have on hand when the masses are looking for a decent snack.

I like it because, for one thing, there's nothing to bake. Very important in my book. For another thing, your hands (and your toddlers' hands) do not get greasy. Very, very important in my book. Beyond those important snack-factors, the cereal keeps it from being too heavy, it's not too salty, not too sweet, and it gives me an excuse to purchase my favorite candy in the whole wide world (although with braces I can no longer eat the peanut version). This way, I don't have to hide them in my sock drawer.

Cheerios Snack Mix (all measures are approximate - add more or less according to taste)

6 cups Cheerios
2 cups other cereal (I use Corn Chex)
1 c. M&Ms
1 c. mixed nuts or dry roasted peanuts (omit or substitute salty pretzel sticks if your kids won't eat nuts)
1 c. raisins or craisins

Mix up in a big bowl. My friend uses the "eyeball" method, and just fills up a bowl half way up with Cheerios, then adds a layer of each of the other items until it looks good.

Either way, I suggest putting in single serving ziplock bags right away, or you or your troops will eat the whole thing before you can get it put in an airtight container.


Susanne said...


LOL to the thumbs up. Yup you had guts. I couldn't even work up the guts to leave a comment much less write a whole post. Good for you.

Julie said...

I am sure their are legions of men out in blog hands clapping their hands and giving you a high five.

This recipe sound great. I think I'll make some up for baseball practice snacks.

Happy Poding,

Beck said...

I think your series was brave and important. I really, really do.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh Katherine...that is so funny, well to me at least :) I often forget who reads my blog too and then get "reminded".

I loved your posts and am so glad you had the courage to write them and be honest!

I love that book by linda Dillow too! Oh, have you read, "S*x and the soul of a woman". A friend just recommended it and it is on my list.

Annie said...

Love the snack idea...I'll have to try that!

On your other subject, totally awesome. Good for you, I love your courage and honesty. Now with 5 children I'm pretty sure the others in your church are aware what you two have been up to!!!

Debbie said...

I look forward to the discussion on kids. Lord knows things haven't been too great around here w/ours. Attitudes are at an all-time low. Mine included. I feel so robbed of quality time w/ them now that they are in school.

I need some suggestions on how to handle the changes and challenges that life has brought us. I'm glad for all 5 of mine, but I feel so overwhelmed at times w/ all the areas that need improvement.

Thanks for taking time out in such a busy time of your life to lead discussions on such important topics. Your thoughts on s*x were very true and helpful. I needed reminded of those things. My dh is glad of it...I'm sure! Tee hee!

Brenda said...

That thumbs-up was awesome! I think I would have flushed a bit too.
But I'm glad you posted. It was good and important.

Jeana said...

I doubt those husbands of your friends had any problem with the posts you wrote. Especially if their wives read them.

I know how you feel, though. I wrote something similar last year, and later it hit me that my DAD reads my blog.

Sara Kay said...

De-lurking... :)
I appreciated that post too. When I read this, I couldn't help but think sometimes God allows us to "forget" certain things in order to be used to encourage other people. I know these things are so private, but they're also important. Somewhere in the middle is the balance of encouraging each other while maintaining propriety. I think you did well. :)

Anonymous said...

I think you were courageous to talk about the subject so openly and in such a caring sense, so much of our culture slaughters the beauty, treasure and wonder of intimacy, I think you have inspired and will contiue to inspire and reignite many marriages. Keep doing what you are doing!