Thursday, January 03, 2008

Small things at Home Sanctuary

Yes, I'm still sabbatical-ing, but my sister Rachel Anne has been a busy bee over at her wonderful site, Home Sanctuary.

She's hosting Sanctuary is in the Small Things. Each day she'll be posting one "Small Thing" we can do to make our homes feel more like the sanctuaries we've always dreamed they could be.

Each small thing will be worth a certain number of points (today's is setting out a fruit bowl for your family). You keep track of your own points on the honor system.

To encourage you to participate, she's got prizes, including some of her incredible artwork (I can brag because she won't).

Start by becoming a Company Girl and sporting your Company Girl bling on your sidebar, and then let Rachel Anne know you're joining us!

Now I'm off to set out my fruit bowl...


Dimple Queen said...

YES your sister is a very talented woman! I told her that in a comment on her site earlier! I sometimes I wish I had just a pinch of that talent!

Loved your post on "the program" I hope to start those kinds of things in my family! We didn't have any of that growing up, but I want my children to have that!

voni said...

I set out a fruit bowl today and the five pounds of clementines I bought where gone in a day! I guess they got enough vitamin C today:)

voni said...

BTW... I missed reading your blog. Glad to see you back!